The Saboteur

Alternative names: The Saboteur

Game Saboteur - a computer game, which represents a whole mix of different genres, as it combined the elements and autosimulator, and the elements of shooter and action genre, combined with adventure. A game created and released in 2009, the of Pandemic Studios and Electronic Arts.

The game takes place in France, which during World War II, Nazi Germany occupied. In this situation, an Irish racing driver and mechanic Devlin decides to participate in the fight against fascism and receives approval from the French fighters of the resistance movement, as well as from the UK intelligence.

Game gameplay has serious gamer and freedom of action is very similar to the famous game GTA. Game Saboter received from its original developers unconventional visual design. Thus, the entire game world, which is occupied by the Nazis, appears on the screen in gray tones, and to the extent that, as the main character in the game passes, completing various tasks in various areas - around the game world is painted with all the colors. A very important mode for that could successfully play Saboteur - it stealth mode. After all, without the main character is not dressed up in a Nazi uniform, not masked, not hiding it is impossible to perform its tasks. Saboteur game enables its users to perform tasks in real-world gaming areas of Paris and its suburbs - near the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, the Madeleine Church, and so § And the events unfolding in Saarbruecken and Le Havre.

In that case, if you decide to download The Saboteur, you start playing, you will learn that there is a story and side missions. They will need to go gamers, but you can choose their own goals and in free play. Such goals are watchtowers, posts with armored vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, gas stations, generals, and so etc. If the main character still notice - there will also be included anxiety. The game has five different alarm levels. For example, at the first level of anxiety appear auto and moto-patrols, and the fifth level of anxiety implies connection to search fighters who shelled persecuted hero at low level flight.

If you ask the internet Saboteur video, you'll know that the game contains the following opponents: SS soldiers, the soldiers of the Wehrmacht soldiers Navy soldiers Gestapo Terror company and so

The game is divided into certain weapon classes. Here there and pistols and machine guns, and grenade launchers, and shotguns, and so etc. Gamers are allowed to simultaneously equip any two types of firearms. Besides conventional weapons present in The Saboteur machine, which accounted for not less than forty species are divided into four main classes. If you want to get a half-track, or any armored vehicle, then they need to drive yourself to the garage. Then they take you to the disposal. The Saboteur is in the tanks. For example, the thrower tank. He's Done opponent will be very high. In Saboteur has a lot of positive and negative characters. With them you will be able to meet as soon as install this game on your PC and dive into this dangerous game world.

Try! We think that you will not regret the time spent playing. Good luck!


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