Sacred 2

Alternative names: Sacred 2

Sacred 2 - computer role-playing game in the fantasy genre RPG. The German-based manufacturer has decided to continue the first game Sacred. With advanced innovations introduced the game does have a new story, new gameplay. And everything is presented at a decent level. Translated game Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Perhaps this means that the residents of Ankara in anticipation of a hero who will save them from the onset of chaos.

That game Sacred 2 has been in your face new fans just need to download the game Sacred 2. To do this, you need JavaScript on your computer programs for downloading games.

You'll wander the continent called Ankara in the universe Sacred. At the very beginning of the game Fallen Angel Sacred 2 you choose the class to which abuts either character of the proposed except Seraphim completely different from the first version of the game: Seraphim, High Elf, Dryad, Temple Guardian, Shadow Warrior, Inquisitor and Dragomag. But beyond that it is very important before you choose the path on which character goes: Path of Light or Darkness. More precisely it is necessary to choose a deity: Lumen (God of Light) Forens (Goddess of wisdom and philosophy), Cybele (Goddess of Nature), Testa (God of science), Kuan (God of War) and Kerr (Goddess of Evil). If you select the Seraphim, you will only be available path of Light - Lumen Forex and Cybele, and Inquisitor - Darkness - Coeur Kuan and Testa. Accordingly, when choosing a path of darkness, you have no choice in the Lumen of the deity, and if the path of Light, then Kerala.

And then you can start to play the game Sacred 2.

The events in the game precede the events of the first part of the game. Here ancient times when infancy mystical powers and when events led to the division into good and bad. And the worst may lead to chaos. But you must not let this happen, or vice versa to accelerate the process.

Of course, the card game is divided into very different regions:

• Tilizy;

• Artamark;

• Nor - Plath;

• Seraphim Island and long underwater cave dragons;

• Hiss Ta.

Tilizy - region elves. The most painful part of Ankara. The climate is temperate.

Artamark - countryside people. Divided into principalities ruled by various princes. The climate is dry.

Nor - Plat - the territory of the orcs. Divided into warring city. Steppe climate.

Seraphim Island and long underwater cave dragons - ownership of the Seraphim. One big indivisible state. Only here T - energy under control.

Hiss Ta - territory lizards, dragons followers. Village flooded with water. Is divided into the city.

In general, the main task is to perform your job, improve your skills, explore the territory and decide the fate of the entire Ankara.

The game Sacred 2 is presented in high-quality graphics, good animation. Though some items may not be detailed enough.

In general, can still see Sacred 2 video and screenshots. And go to the site to play Sacred 2 Fallen Angel download. And get excited about a fantastic stay. As expected online game, you can invite your friends. You play good!




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