Saints Row 2

Alternative names: Saints Row 2

Game Saints Row 2 before the official presentation was seen as something scandalous going beyond unusual. How provocative clips were presented to the public, which demonstrated an aggressive Gerry Buse - man-monster or star pornography industry Ms. Tera Patrick. Apparently, the developers of the project all the forces thrown out to create something extraordinary. And even today it makes no sense to argue, the creators of Saints Row 2 achieved their goal - the project carries no less beloved ruler GTA, here no less cruelty, provocative events and cause of action. A good graphics and cool gameplay favorably complement the overall impression.

Saints Row 2 pc describes the events that took place five years after the first part. It all starts with the fact that the protagonist comes out of coma (quite battered, but such an interesting tie, is not it? ) And clearly understand for themselves what to spend my life in a prison cell he would not like. Since he has no amnesty, and the prospects of appeal charges are not the most optimistic, the output remains one - plan carefully and make a reality escape. It is worth noting that in five years coma hero skills are lost - to kill all the witnesses and the will to get it manages in two accounts.

As you probably guessed, and that the gameplay has begun, you need to download Saints Row 2. Modern high-speed internet and common links for torrent trackers allow to reduce the download process distributions to a minimum - for 10-15 minutes and you're able to test the game in person. Infiltrating the gameplay, you will learn that life during coma protagonist greatly changed. Cars and houses began to look much richer, but not this affects the most. Most amazing - loved and revered character gang virtually collapsed. Of course, this situation does not meet our hero, and he accepted, by all means, raise credibility "Saints."

In Saints Row 2 will need to play to start by selecting the appearance of the character. It is impossible not to focus on that character editor in this project differs significantly from peers in other games. You can customize "under itself" almost all the details of appearance. Moreover, you may even be able to choose the specific gait and gestures to establish their own character - in a word, you can do all that gameplay was comfortable and pleasant. An interesting fact is that if you want, even in the midst of a mission, your hero will be able to dramatically change the appearance and even the floor. Believe me, to perform in Saints Row 2 mission pretty blonde - it's something that is not amenable to the laws of logic. Such nuances can significantly defuse the situation.

Get ready for what awaits a huge number of dangerous encounters, you can tyunningovat your car, improve skills and improve the car. All this and more is described in detail in the removed to Saints Row 2 video trailer.


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