Alternative names: Salem, Salem

Salem online - free multiplayer client game with strategy elements developed by the type of sandbox. Swedish studio project created Seatribe, and is the publisher Paradox Interactive. In the game world clearly felt the emphasis on history. Action develops in the 17th century. Check it was New England colonists from England. Users will have to act as one them. Each settler has to buy a house, to build their own territory, to take care of the extraction of resources, to establish relationships with others players learn to destroy different creatures that get underfoot, and tries to hurt you, and ensure that nutrition and rest are timely . Without special needs should not attack their neighbors, because they may be stronger than you, and give you life twice no one will. When you are overtaken by death, then this is the end. If you then want to continue to play Salem, will have to start from scratch with a new hero. So be moderately modest, moderately adventurous, moderately ambitious - and that will create a better future!

To go back to the fantasy world, you need to download and install the Salem game client on the PC. But before we take up this, you need to create an account. Salem register - it's filling out a special form with such fields: username and password (in the next line again), e-mail address. In conclusion, tick than and confirm acceptance of the User Agreement and desire to obtain useful news. As for system requirements, they are quite reasonable and will not be a hindrance. Almost everyone can enjoy the gameplay, using a computer at least an average configuration.

Where to begin play in Salem? First of all you need in your own home. To have your home, you first need to execute the contract on the ground. After that, you should think about the resources, and in addition acquire the tools. The latter can be either purchased or crafted. Of course, all this takes some time, so do not think that'll be all right. To do this, work hard for many days. But then it's nice to reap the fruits of your labor! Home - a place where you can relax and unwind after a long journey across the immense gaming locations. By the way, all that is beyond your possessions or property that other users or neutral city of Boston, or just a wasteland where teeming with all sorts of wild animals. You need to be constantly on the alert, if the life you truly expensive.

The aforementioned safe area called Boston you have the ability to communicate and trade with other gamers. In principle, it is a platform created for social relations. But when we decided to wander through the other place, can expect anything - from the attack of aggressive beasts to attack the players. As for clashes between players, here are some rules. Thus, a player who constantly makes such antics sooner or later will be punished. In this case, it put a black mark, and then once the situation will come when society will meet and avenge the villain. There is another point that you should know - the use of magic. Magic - a good thing, but only within reason. If too carried away, that can shlopotat very black mark and become the subject of hunting angry fans justice.

Generally, in its essence a game Salem - a continuous development. Basically what is happening is quite real and natural. You build, produced for this material, and then try to improve and expand the habitat accumulate useful resources enter into trade relations with a view to conclude lucrative deals and feel in the end, we settled here comfortably and securely. So go to your goal even small steps while desperately protect their possessions in case the need arises. Everything that you will be engaged, exciting and enjoyable, so this game is a great way to break away. Just try - do not want to come off!


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