Alternative names: Eternal Peace

To play the game online Semperium necessary system requirements are as follows:

OMicrosoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP;

OProtsessor Pentium 300 MHz

O128 MB of RAM

OVideoadapter compatible with DirectX;

OPodklyuchenie internet.

To start the game Semperium online you need to go through a simple registration. Join in the game Semperium means to perform five simple points:

1) Enter login. Please note that only authorized to use the Cyrillic or Latin letters and numbers.

2) twice to enter the password.

3) Specify the address of your e-mail box.

4) Enter the numbers shown in the image, as proof that you are a real person.

5) agree with the user agreement.

When Semperium registration is over, you should choose a profession character. On the choice of profession depends not only professional activities character, but his appearance and fighting qualities. Therefore, you should seriously consider the choice of a profession of your character, because you can only change it on the ground level. Online game Semperium has nine professions

Olekari - extremely well, have good marksmanship;

Okrestyane - terrible cunning, quite hardy;

Opoety - very emotional and tags;

Otorgovtsy - crafty and nimble;

Omonahi - hardy, they have developed willpower;

Omagi - have well-developed intuition and strong will;

Oremeslenniki - intellectually developed and strong;

Ovoiny - very strong and emotional;

Orazboyniki - incredibly smart and rely on your intuition.

Representatives of each of the nine professions specializes in the manufacture of certain items:

Olekari made potions and elixirs that are very popular among the soldiers;

Okrestyane produce food, engaged in repairing leather goods;

Opoety create art - a song, a beneficial effect on the morale of the soldiers; repair psychological weapon;

Otorgovtsy create financial instruments; enjoy the benefits of buying and selling goods;

Omonahi are committed to constantly stay in the prayers of all the characters. They mend spiritual weapons; without monk does not take no wedding;

Omagi create all sorts of spells and magical weapons made renovating it;

Oremeslenniki mainly specialize in the repair of weapons and armor, also made weapons and items;

Ovoiny constantly fighting techniques and develop their skills;

Orazboyniki foraged robbery, counterfeiting coins; love gambling.

To successfully play the game online Semperium, you must have all the necessary items for life and war. In shops and markets, you can buy such items as:


Opredmety labor



Oproduty supply;



Osyre etc.

Semperium online game was created after the Middle Ages. This eternal world you have to organize the new clans, gathering under its origins minded. You need to contribute to the creation of the city, as residents of Eternal Peace believe that the formation of the city combine them. Especially in the cities there is no evil creatures and this - the birthplace of great new Heroes.

Once the vast Eternal Peace flowed quietly quiet life of civilians. But those days are in the distant past. Now, with the onset of darkness multiply monstrous monsters. Reigning chaos keeps residents in constant fear. Perhaps starting to play Semperium, you become their savior that can save them from the monsters. Becoming the founder of the city, you'll be able to decide whom to settle next to your territory.

To create a city, you will need to show all their abilities organizer. It is important to properly dispose of the treasury of the city, it really should not disposing of it, the city can be ruined, and if you do not put the protection of the treasury, then it simply robbed. If you do not want to create your town or you do not have managerial talents, you can join the existing population of the town - there are always glad to replenish.

Register Semperium - Your opportunity to give residents of Eternal Peace such a welcome and long-awaited peace! Do not miss this chance to start Semperium play!


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