Shadow Kings

Alternative names: Shadow Kings

Sim games online today, it seems, are at the peak of popularity. Although such projects are not very complex, they attract gamers. Projects such as, for example, the game Shadow Kings - what you need after a busy day. Bright, entertaining, thoroughly impregnated with subtle humor, they enjoy both adults and children. At first glance, this is a children's cartoon, in which as the main characters are the goblins, orcs, dwarves, fairies and other fantastic creatures. In fact, this cartoon is interesting online game where gamers will have a lot to build, grow a lot, a lot of fight, a lot of talk, a lot to learn about other players. In general, the list could go on for quite some time. And all this to try to see with my own eyes, in the Shadow Kings registration will be required. The registration process can be a long time not to dwell: the game interface is in Russian, on page form project carries its own, tips to help complete the registration sheet quickly and easily. In the first line, enter the username. The second - the e-mail address. The third - the password. Registration is completed and can immediately start playing Shadow Kings. To start the system will prompt the user to enter a new training course. Take this opportunity to quickly understand all the features of management, and, in general, to understand what to expect from the project in the future. Having started training, you will learn that there is "their" and "foreign" (as it usually happens in all games of this genre). "Friends" - good-natured dwarves, elves and other peace-loving creatures. "Strangers" - evil orcs who want to grab all the land and enslave all the inhabitants of these lands. As you may have guessed, in the Shadow Kings online you will become a true savior - a hero who could put in place the brazen display of orcs and lives of local civilian population to a new level. At the very beginning of the game at your disposal will be entrusted to a small area with a minimum of necessary buildings. Develop, grow and develop again - your task at all soon. In the Shadow Kings online there are several basic types of resource, which is based on the development of: Wood. Stone. Food. Stone and wood are needed to accelerate the production of new buildings, weapons, items, and the food will keep your employees. The game is all interconnected: Food & Drink (corresponding construction) cheering people, people in a good mood are faster, and therefore the amount of resources produced increases. To gameplay moved faster is necessary to improve the existing buildings, to expand the territory and hire more workers. Improved quarry, for example, produce more stone, and on an improved stock, you can store more resources. To play in the Shadow Kings was interesting, the system constantly throws up new job. Performing these tasks, you can earn experience points and useful bonuses. From experience points determines the level of gamer. You can follow the experience in the lines above the game screen. Develop and can also earn by attacking neighboring cities opponents. What is the direction of choose is up to you. Can succeed peacefully, selling products, and you can go through militant. Nice to focus on the fact that in the Shadow Kings play for free can absolutely anyone. The game will not have to invest money, you can only just make their own.


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