Shadowrun Returns

Alternative names: Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns-tactical role-playing computer game in the genre of fantasy and cyberpunk. Independent company Harebrained Schemes, which developed and released into the world toy, gave her a second life. As in the original version of the game Shadowrun Returns acted as a bit of a role-playing game board. And in 2013 she gave birth not only for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, but also for tablets. Games for Shadowrun Returns android and Shadowrun Returns pc, no differences. This same game.

When you have already overflowing desire to play the game, you can move on to search for sites where you can download the game Shadowrun Returns. To do this, you need JavaScript on your computer only certain necessary software. And the game is yours.

The game Shadowrun Returns you start to play after selecting gender, race and class of your character. Race. As a result, not much affect your skills. But the class, though it is possible and miss, but when you get the choice of the future configuration of your stats in the game. The game Shadowrun Returns presented six classes:

• Street Samurai;

• Mag;

• Decker;

• Shaman;

• Rigger;

• Battle Adept.

Street Samurai - the best warrior, and uses the best weapon. Can disarm the enemy.

Mage - representatives with magic abilities. They are reading a book aura of others, even through walls. May seize the characteristics of the other characters.

Decker - a kind of hackers. Hack, steal information, reveal the door system - it is subject to all that is connected with the Matrix.

Shaman - call spirits. When the need - just makes totem and encourages a certain spirit. If you do not calculate the strength, the spirit could turn against the caller.

Rigger - manipulated drones for reconnaissance and fire support.

Combat Adept - better than just martial arts. Yet they have magic. It is easy to attack several targets simultaneously.

Game presented in front of you is a mixture of magic and technology. Here are fabulous elves, orcs, and the like, but they have the look totally different. Something like punks on this game belongs to the genre of cyberpunk.

You get into the universe Shadowrun in 2054. You - Shadow Runner - mercenary. In recent times you as it is not lucky in life, but then you receive a letter from an old friend who died and asks for help in finding his killer. You can not miss this chance to fight! And embark on a journey to run the city. In the presence of you all the necessary weapons. And it kind of does not depend on your class. You can be an elf with a gun.

Regarding intelligence of your enemies, then there is, of course, easy. Because they are stupid little, not fire back and give easy to kill yourself.

But the graphics of the game is great. Musical accompaniment is a little gloomy, but nevertheless does not distract from the main thing. For the game was specially composed music composers.

After reading the review can view video and Shadowrun Returns can start gameplay. Your friend is waiting for your help. You play good!


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