Shadow Warrior

Alternative names: Shadow Warrior
Create remakes to known and loved by millions of gamers projects, as practice shows, in most cases, it is a thankless business. Even if the original project was created with the help of technology shabby hundred thousand years ago, beat his quality will be difficult enough. However, the game Shadow Warrior - a good example of what happens when a team of developers enthusiastically takes on the case. It is not surprising that initially, immediately after the announcement of the project, many critics, moreover, even many players take it seriously did not want to. Many complained that the public submitted to the court the screenshots look quite recognizable, but something radically new and interesting things in them can not be found. Shadow Warrior pc demonstrated by example what are mistakes pleasant. Well? in fact may also professional developers when they want to create a really high quality stuff. And even remakes of the most popular games can be qualitative and not less interesting than the originals. In this project we will focus on the main character Lena Chi. He was cruelly betrayed and abandoned associates. Left to die in a cage with a horrible monster, character, still managed to survive. Of course, at first glance, all of these stories may seem utterly pointless and absurd. However, against the background of super modern games, subjects who are forced to boil the brain from the first minute, it looks pleasant enough and, most importantly, acceptable. To gameplay was considered open to you, it will be necessary first of all to establish distributions project. As of today you can download Shadow Warrior on the famous portal Steam, where the cost of it is only 20 dollars. In advance I would like to warn all the gamers that the game contains a huge amount of violence. Even against the backdrop of fierce Darkness, Shadow Warrior looks childish prattle. Therefore, if you are not confident of their nervous system, it is best to choose for themselves something more loyal. However, if you are willing to kill all virtual characters without a shadow of a doubt, you can safely start playing Shadow Warrior. Ahead of you will have a meeting with a huge variety of weapons - you begin your march with a katana, which can be cut into small piece of everything. With the improvement you will open new types of weapons, each of which may subsequently be improved. Impossible not to include in our review of Shadow Warrior and mention that in Catania during gameplay can build powerful energy force. Draft prepared for you a special store improvements. And as, locations, the problem with them should arise - as we said earlier, the developers tried their best. All of this sounds quite intriguing and exciting, and vividly imagine all help descriptive video Shadow Warrior.

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