Shards Of Light / SOl

Alternative names: Shards Of Light / SOl
Once you see the site of this project will realize that the game Shards of Light - something unique. The game is still quite young, but has already attracted the attention of several tens of thousands of gamers. Excellent graphics, interesting story, dynamic gameplay - all this makes the project at least playable, as a maximum - carries quite seriously. This game contains all the best features of the famous MMORPG. And the developers have added in their offspring a few unique features that you will notice when you start playing Shards of Light. Very glad to see the "revived" the universe that here seems more than realistic and interesting. All the characters and locations are clearly drawn, and therefore can captivate gamers atmosphere alone. Fails and gameplay - all events occur rapidly, consistently. Gamers will become a true hero for the locals and a world free from the powerful forces of darkness, preparing to attack an army of monsters and collecting for the implementation of its plan. To begin exploring the Shards of Light registration and download the game client will be required processes, but pretty fast. The project is completely Russified, but because of issues with the completed registration form and control the game should arise. Clicking on the link, you will see the special registration form, fill that need, listening to the instructions of the system. On the lines write down your name, address, email account and password. Confirmation of registration will come in the mail. That after you register, you can begin to play the Shards of Light, you must also download a special game client. The download link you will find the right on the page of the game. According to legend, once there was a struggle for peace Arrudaa. Goddess Ilumetyu fought with the god of destruction Verubelosom. Last felt close defeat, and therefore called on the powers of darkness, so that they have divided the world into several parts. Ilumetyu managed to stop the split, but it ruined the goddess. Her body disappeared, and managed to survive the soul became the protector of the world. When you're in the Shards of Light to play for free, you will learn that for a long time, the evil forces that are able to hone goddess deep in the bowels of the earth, were powerless, but the world was growing, umnel. The researchers who found the artifact, which is powered by the energy forces of darkness were conquered evil. Evil gotten into scientists, and they, being recruited, started to collect a powerful army. In fact, with this army and you have to fight. In Shards of Light online there are several gaming classes: Magee - unpredictable and very dangerous class. Opponents fear mages, because their forces are always more and more powerful. Mages can subdue the elements that allow the destruction of even numerous army. Defenders - powerful heroes, ready to take on the fight at any moment. Witcher - class, specializing in black magic and curses. Opponents rarely survive after a meeting with witchers. The Killers - characters that have a fatal blow. Healers - a very important class, which is able to heal allies. Healers help soldiers fight more courageously and selflessly. Warriors - death to the enemy. They are fluent in heavy weapons, never turn away from the enemy. Archers in Shards of Light Online - guarantee a colossal damage to the enemy army. Berserkers - the real freaks. Fight for them - a real pleasure. They are capable of destroying an entire army alone.

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