Shards of the Dreams

Alternative names: Shards of the Dreams

Shards of the Dreams online - is a free browser-based role-playing game, made using flash. The game requires no download client, but to empower and improve the games colorfully decorated, was developed a client program, which, if desired, can be downloaded.

In Shards of the Dreams online game you dive into a dark and scary virtual world, formed after the devastating universal catastrophe, where the confrontation between the two sides, which are referred to as the Empire and Heath, between which the eternal hatred and enmity.

In order to enter into this world, you need to be registered initially in the game Fragments of dreams. You will need to enter your e-mail and password to accept the conditions of registration.

After Registration Shards of the Dreams, you get into a game where you are encouraged to pass the first driving job that will introduce you to the basics of the game and interface. This job gives not only practical skills, but also a sufficient amount of experience.

Shards of the Dreams online game offers you to choose a character class for svogo. Them in this game, only four for each of the warring parties (4 classes for the Empire and for grade 4 Wasteland): Warrior, Thief, Priest, and Mage.

Play Game Shards of the Dreams online, you can free up to ten levels to change your class at the Academy (Village of Mist). After the tenth level, for a change of class, you will have to pay a certain amount.

So, after you are already familiar in the Shards of the Dreams online and reached the second level, you get to the village of Mist, where it is already prepared for you a lot of jobs. Here you can offer your services adventurer Hunter, Blacksmith, shady characters, fishermen, innkeepers, and minister of Dorion. In addition, you will meet with Sage ukoma, old miner and old Caspar, who lives in the suburbs. Successful execution of their tasks will give you the opportunity to get close to the transition to the next level!

At the fifth level, you will get their first points that can be distributed between the parameters. By changing these settings, you affect the character of the following characteristics:

Power - this power-hitting melee and total capacity of the character;

Agility - a chance and dodge chance of passing on the player critical strike;

Build - impact on the overall health and stamina;

Hit - a chance to hit with melee (for all players) and ranged (for bows and some spells)

Good luck - it's critical strike chance and increases the chance of getting the production of monsters / chests;

Intelligence - is the total amount of mana character.

All proposed in Shards of the Dreams online game quests will give you not only a solid amount of experience and money, but also a variety of things that facilitate further playthrough.

Shards of the Dreams in play will be very interesting, because, at the moment provided forty character levels.

Play the game online Shards of the Dreams, you will need to go to the dungeon - these are locations in which there are very serious monsters, defeating that you receive compensation in the form of a rich mining and awards for the job.

In Shards of the Dreams play offered in several versions Dungeons

Dungeons for a single pass - intended for single player, but it should be noted that there is fighting harder battles on the surface. Here Monsters stronger, they often have unique abilities and attack in groups.

Group dungeons (not designed for passage alone) - you need to assemble a group of players the desired level, to stock up on a variety of potions and food, and then you can go on an adventure.

Play Shards of the Dreams, the character who has a certain amount of rubies, may create a clan, but it may be the only ones who belong to one of the sides (Empire or Wasteland). Keep in mind that the clan to take the player on the other hand it is impossible, as well as change its direction, while in the clan. This can be done only after the release of the clan.

At the conclusion of the review, I will say this: the game is worthy of attention and Shards of the Dreams registration will allow you to plunge into this fantasy world!


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