Shards of War

Alternative names: Shards of War
Modern online games can be considered the works of art. One of these works should be game Shards of War. The new project currently in it's final stages of development, and who want to test it already gathered quite a decent amount. So, what are the Shards of War? This is a new multiplayer game, made in the favorite of many modern gamers MOBA genre. This is a client project, which, judging by the trailers appeared online, look will be very attractive. The developers claim that Shards of War online is designed for the male audience between the ages of 13 to 35 years. But as practice shows, such projects long ago attracted the attention of the fair sex. This project should appeal to all those who love the game, reveal any sci-fi stories, comes from the distant future. By the way, Shards of War - a unique project of its kind. This is the first MOBA game that touched the sci-fi theme. That is why in the Shards of War will be very interesting to play. With the basic essence of the game you will be able to deal freely, if you have ever had to deal with MOV-project. Just as in all such projects, you will need to hire the characters, in this case - in custody. That they can better fulfill their mission, they will need to improve, how to equip modern. The more powerful will be your ward character, the more likely to succeed and get a reward. Since the game is focused on online mode, in Shards of War registration will be mandatory. Fortunately, a lot of time, it will not take. Traditionally, you will need to specify in the relevant line registration form your email inbox. Enter your login. Come up with a unique password to login. Once downloaded the client can begin to gameplay. Be prepared to apply logic at every turn. This project requires vigilance and care. To succeed, you need to carefully study the opponent and try to develop an effective strategy. As you might guess, playing Shards of War in splendid isolation will not let you. Register in the game very soon everyone will be able from any corner of the globe. So be prepared for the fact that you have to interact with other gamers. By tradition, can cooperate and join clans to hit stronger opponent and get a serious award. When you start in the Shards of War to play for free, you will learn that in the near future, scientists will make a unique discovery that will forever change the life of the planet. Everyone always knew that somewhere in the galaxy, there are other worlds. But now the gates opened, and the Earth can wade all extraterrestrial beings, and peace, and aggressively tuned. Enemies will try to capture as many territories, and the heroes-defenders learn to rise from the ashes to restore balance and fairness. In general, there is no time to be bored! During gameplay will meet many heroes: Stryker excellent landmark. He knows how to choose the most unexpected moment to attack. Blitz - an expert in matters of the attack. Inflicts a huge defeat. Cobra - one attacking character. He simply stunning owns a sword. Volcano - for their victims ready to pursue to the end of the world. These and many other characters are looking forward to meeting you!

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