Shogun: Total War

Alternative names: Shogun: Total War

Shogun: Total War - turn-based computer game, with a global strategy. It is this first release games, initiated for the development of the popular video game series Total War. The company has developed and released a game company already invested in the game and all the forces of the soul than desired her recognition. Game Shogun: Total War met their expectations, because at the moment it has many users and fans. You can become one of them, and you will not regret it.

By reading this review and looking at the game Shogun: Total War video and examined screenshots, you can visit the site and play Shogun: Total War download. Here you will come to help program available on your computer.

The Game Shogun : Total War playing it means your tactical battles in real time. and while you're running one of the greatest clans of feudal Japan. Game events unfold Sengoku-Jidai, which falls on the beginning of 1530. Your main goal in the game - controlling clan while performing combat operations to achieve the title of Shogun.

Each clan occupies a large part of the territory of the State of Japan, which at that time under the threat of separation and adjacent Ostrava.

The game features your choice of these seven clans: Shimazu, Mori, Oda, Imagawa, Takeda, Hojo, Uesugi.

Also in the game Shogun : Total War presented such characters are able to carry out covert operations on the strategic map. They are called agents, they are:

  • Emissary;
  • Shinobi;
  • Ninja;
  • Geisha;
  • Priest - Catholic.

Emissary - without resistance can move through enemy territory. Responsible for diplomatic relations between the clans. Weak before the ninjas and geishas.

Shinobi - is a spy. Easily moves on enemies and terrain reports movements of armies and all accidents. Weak before the ninjas and geishas. Can be executed.

Ninja - this kind of assassin. Its purpose is mainly the higher ranks. Vulnerable to other ninjas and geishas. Can be executed if in enemy territory. If the job does not automatically die.

Geisha - a professional assassin. Combines the abilities and Shinobi Ninja. Even if not a quest, it is still not visible, and not die. Weak before the ninja and geisha. But in the case nindzyay have a chance to survive, and not from the blows of a Geisha.

Priest - Catholic - reduces the loyalty of enemy territory provinces. While increasing it on its territory. Can be affected ninja or geisha.

With the help of these heroes can achieve your goals faster.

Game Total War Shogun presented in good quality graphics, not possible with the best quality of detail. Music, which is no less important for the gameplay, also has good form.

You can download Total War Shogun and not wasting time and lead an army to begin the battle for recognition of your clan. And do not forget to consult the game Shogun: Total War friends.


Good luck gameplay!


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