Silent Hunter 5

Alternative names: Silent Hunter 5

System requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3. 0G GHz


Video: 256 MB

Disk Space: 10 GB

Silent Hunter 5 - simulator naval battles, where the player gets the opportunity to feel as captain underwater combat vessel. The fifth part of the famous series, dubbed Silent Hunter 5 is famous as its predecessor, the three main components - the presence of a fully re-established on the basis of real samples of the German submarine fleet, the broadest scale of the action, as well as full weight geypleya inherent only real simulator. Game Silent Hunter 5 takes into account all the possible factors that were needed captain of the submarine during World War II. Most of the time you will spend for scanning underwater depths in search of a potential enemy and try to look on the surface warships of the enemy fleet, so swift torpedo attack to put it on the bottom.

Walking through the compartments

Game Silent Hunter 5 has the opportunity to personally observe the actions of your crew. This option was available, beginning with the third part, however, not all corners of your submarine were available for viewing. Now you are in the role of captain can walk yourself through the compartments of the ship and see for themselves the morale of your crew as they prepared for an impending attack, if there is no fatigue or dissatisfaction. Game Silent Hunter 5 will allow even small to hold dialogues with members of the team, where you can learn in an easy conversation about the health of his wife sailors, letters from loved one, and so etc. But this is not an entertainment of the most important in the game and the entire ship can pass from the torpedo room to the tail can be a couple of minutes, and topics for communication with the sailors and officers quickly begin to bother, so focus stands directly on the management of the ship and carrying out its command Fleet problems.


In Silent Hunter 5 will play a major role not only relationships within the team, but also the personal qualities of each of the crew members. Silent Hunter 5 game gives you the opportunity to give orders directly to each member of the team, but also view the list in a special set of strengths of each of the officers and men. Sailors torpedo compartment will charge faster, faster to perform maneuvers mechanics and acoustics at a greater distance can identify a potential target. For the development of these features will need to make special glasses that Silent Hunter 5 will be awarded for the successful execution of their duties as captain for action and execution of tasks of the mission.


Subject campaign will begin for you in September 1939, one day after the beginning of World War II. The main hero of the story will be Lieutenant Oscar Entvikler. First mission of the game will be for you a prologue, training and the story of the early days of the war a large underwater confrontation. Next you expect severe fighting weekdays the submarine captain of the German navy, where you will perform combat patrols, to attack convoys with appliances, resist submarines allies. In a wide variety of game settings, where you can connect yourself numerous control options, translating them from manual to automatic mode.


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