Simcity 2013

Alternative names: Simcity 2013

Simcity 2013 - a computer game in the genre of simulation, town-planning simulator. The developers created the game pursuing a common goal. You'll also only have one goal. The game SimCity 2013 city home game unit. The game SimCity 2013 reveals to you the opportunity to show themselves, discover your potential as a builder of the city. Pc game SimCity 2013 has long represented to work on a personal computer.

Download SimCity 2013 you can immediately after ignite blazing desire to become the best Mayor. And of course, after the check SimCity 2013 videos and screenshots, and finish reading this review game SimCity 2013.

As you already understood you the main and only person games. You - your future mayor of a prosperous town. Just do not miss the fact that part of your city, state, world, universe. And here you have a neighboring town. Perhaps it's the characters with whom you can Met general case. To start the game SimCity 2013 pc offers you to choose what kind of specialization will include your city. Precisely what will the residents of your town and thanks to which activities your city will thrive. The game presents you a choice of such specialization:

• Mining;

• Oilfield;

• Electronics;

• Trade;

• Culture;

• Casino.

Mining is one of the global strategies. This production needs a lot of water left. And do not forget about the elimination of pollution ecology. Regardless of whether there is or not in the territory of the city of your inventory, you can still engage in this activity.

Oil production - oil extraction and production of raw materials processing. Coal and metals. Sufficiently profitable specialty.

Electronics - production of goods and equipment necessary in the future to support the economy of the game. Also making power. Involving high technology.

Trade - focus is on the development of business and trade. Need not expensive to buy and when to sell it expensive. The key to success trading city, regardless of the direction of the economy.

Culture - build a city with a great culture. Besides aesthetic pleasure, bring more prosperity to attract tourists and gambling.

Casino - expansion of gambling. considered the best in the game. You enrich the city with the help of gambling rich tourists.

Game SimCity 5 gives you the opportunity to realize himself as a successful creator of the city, a prosperous rich city.

According to fans of the series games SimCity, SimCity 5 new game improved in graphics and gameplay in general. Although it has quite a number of shortcomings that you can find out precisely on the forums of the game. The company has already eliminated the focus of most of these problems in the future promises to prevent their recurrence.

You can rush to the site that would download SimCity 5 and proceed to urgent new cases. Cities are already waiting for their master. You play good!


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