SimCity 4

Alternative names: SimCity 4

Processor: Pentium III 600

RAM: 128 MB

Video Card: Direct3D 7



SimCity 4 - popular town-planning simulator, which became the fourth in one of the most enduring strategic serials in the computer market. SimCity 4 games have a wide list of opportunities where the player is available terraforming to create a more convenient platform for building your city or the unique landscape that distinguishes your city from all others. In SimCity 4, you can divide the city on special sections and form areas - residential areas, business centers, industrial areas and ensure social security, transportation and utility system for the residents of your town.


Game Modes


As in previous installments of the series game SimCity 4 can offer several different modes of transmission, have common features but very different list of features. The whole gameplay in Simcity 4 is divided into three main stages - god mode, mode mayor and Sim mode. In SimCity 4 god mode allows you to change terrain land area, where it will build your city, mountains and compare erect forest back and let drain the river. After forming the site for your metropolis and settlement boundaries with neighbors, you'll be able to begin construction in the mode of the mayor. Anytime Simcity game will allow you to walk around your city as an individual citizen, which will need to create a single character, a sim that will live in your town and enjoy all the benefits that you created.


Buildings in Simcity


The choice of the player there is a wide list of buildings of different eras and architectural styles and a real connoisseur will find here and the art deco and neo-Romanesque style, and even the American craft style. In addition, here you can find many famous buildings of large cities in the world, such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. All of them with stunning accuracy in three-dimensional models, which were the first use of three-dimensional graphics in games of the series. Graphics system allows the structure as close as possible to increase your city and consider them in great detail, and to do so it will be possible not only in the daytime, but at night, when the appearance of your city filled with glitter lights and advertising signs that will look truly indescribable. All this visual diversity saturated atmosphere of the big city will be complemented wonder exactly matched the music and sound tracks, where the calm and relaxing to music you will hear the sounds of your life metropolis.


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