Alternative names: Skill Special Force 2

SKILL Special Force 2 is a first-person shooter. The game SKILL Special Force 2 allows you to get to the Far East, directly to the hot spot, and take part in the most brutal, ruthless battles. You will go to hell, where the sea of ​​blood and at every turn you intend to kill, or already killed while you have long thought.

Now you can proceed to registration in order to start playing as soon as possible. SKILL Special Force 2 registration is simple, and it will happen very quickly:

  • go to the site;
  • select play for free;
  • create your account - enter a valid email address;
  • to think of and write down the password;
  • accept the basic provision and the security policy;
  • download the game;
  • Go to the game.

В SKILL Special Force 2 You fight not just for yourself, but for one of the belligerents: US American forces (MAF) or Russian forces (AUA). In the game there may be such special units:

  • delta - American unit, the main task is the release of hostages and resistance to the smuggling of nuclear weapons
  • Special Forces - belongs to the Russian detachments. Strength - intelligence, asymmetric vision of battles and the prevention of terrorism
  • SAS - the British armed forces of Britain. The most experienced unit. Tasks: reconnaissance, release of prisoners
  • GIGN - the gendarmerie of France. The main duties are fighting terrorism, protecting officials and freeing captured people
  • GAFE - airborne grouping from Mexico. Tasks - ranging from the functions of light infantry, to the most difficult operations undercover
  • UDT is a naval grouping of America. Enters enemy territory, mines and destroys enemies

V Skill Special Force 2 play will be a huge number of weapons. It's not just that. At your disposal, such weapons:

The game creators give you the opportunity to play not in one territory.

  • assault rifles - M4A1, SCAR-H, AK103, HK417, FAMAS, K2, AUGA3, SG 551
  • special weapons - combat knife and crossbow
  • Automatics - P90, MP5K, MP7A1, KRISS SUPER V, UMP 45
  • hard weapon - M870, BENELLIM4, AA-12
  • machine guns - HK23E, M249 SPW, L86A1, RPK-74
  • second weapons - INFINITY, CZ 758D, BERETTA M92FS, SIG SAUER P 226, GLOCK 17
  • sniper rifles - CZ 700, AWP, CHEYTAC M200, PSG1
  • grants - M84, M67, M18

There are nine cards for the battle. Three of them are the most popular. When searching for the game, there may be a new version - SKILL Special Force 2, it does not differ much from the outdated versions.


Game will meet you with quality graphics and the best animation. What gives the opportunity for a good game, full of impressions and emotions. Good luck in the game!


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