Sky Knights

Alternative names: Sky Knights

Game Sky Knights - multiplayer arcade game, which is the aviation simulation. Thanks to the project, you can sit at the helm of the model of any aircraft of the XX century, up to the sky and start hot air battles. You will be on a huge tropical archipelago and the main task set before you, will be gaining dominance in these vast territories. Each battle brings new glasses and a reputation that allows to study new skills and technology research. Working to improve their own aircraft using modules honestly earned, and you will certainly be able to achieve all your goals! New technologies - is the main tool to increase combat effectiveness. So if you do not be lazy to do everything possible to get reputation, your chances will increase proportionately with its increase. Come on! Success is in your hands!

Sky Knights check - is the first step toward an exciting adventure. Remember to fill out a few fields such as the name of the appropriate form of pilot, e-mail address and password, then tick the confirmation of the acceptance of the user agreement and can move on to the second step. After registration will download and install the game client. When installing the client will not have any problems if your PC meets the following parameters: OS Windows XP/Vista/7/MacOS; processor Pentium IV 1,8 GHz (or equivalent from AMD); video card with 128 MB, DirectX 9 device. 0c; sound card compatible with DirectX; hard disk space 550 MB and 512 MB RAM. In order to avoid braking during that as Sky Knights will play, you will need an Internet connection of 128 Kbps or higher. Once run the client and find yourself in an amazing game world, make a choice between the existing nations and will be able to go in his first fight.

The combat system is with these types of battles: fight training (opportunity to learn to fight, to try their own strength), fight with other players (battle between teams of players, which eventually wins one of them), the battle with the bots (and a variety of exciting missions that are performed during gameplay). Game Ritsari sky dynamic, eventful, filled with eternal concerns. So what about relaxing out of the question! However, you have not started to panic, thinking that between battles and spirit will translate once, is to say that all is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Each player in the Sky Knights will have a personal hangar. It was in the hangar you relax between flights debilitating. Here you can enjoy such a pleasant thing as aircraft modification. Going into the tuning menu, you get all the possibilities for aircraft maintenance. Thus, it comes out of the hangar in the next fight renewed, stronger, and thus with a high chance of winning.

Also playing Sky Knights You will earn the title. Grades are given for the fact that you are the real players come true planes. The more goals hit, the higher your rank. So Norland eventually becomes Flieger, then Gauit-corporal, sergeant-major, and so on up to Field Marshal. Northwind with the usual and ordinary turns into Lance, then to Sergeant, Sergeant, Leytinanta and grows and grows, the ranks until it becomes air marshals. A Sinpang moving up the career ladder, starting with the title Itte hikehey soon rises to Haich Hike, hike Nita Hayes, to ever reach the summit of fame and become Taisho. Such a system makes Sky Knights Online more interesting. After all, so you can satisfy the ambitions, to show others what can achieve and prides itself on the fruits of their labors!

Among the available aircraft met the first serial fighter Norland (JI Uhu), the first production aircraft with retractable landing gear Empire ("Mosquito"), the firstborn Borean aircraft I-5, one of the most progressive biplanes Empire (I-5F) and the first Sinpanga plane (Ta-Ri). Experience first-hand what it is like to manage the units!


There is another nice moment. In the present gameplay customization of characters. You're just like other gamers will have access to a reputable wardrobe that allows you to change the appearance of the hero the way you want. In short, the game will give you a lot of pleasant moments, though, the more she can devote time, the greater will be tightened! Let meet all your expectations!


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