Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Alternative names: Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Game Sniper: Ghost Warrior - a computer game developers from the Warsaw City Interactive, which they released in light of early summer 2010 Polish company made military shooter from the 1st person. Here you will see the wonderful special effects, and the effect of their presence in the monitor screen. And this is probably due to the fact that the developers have taken their game to a pretty smart engine Chrome Engine 4.

Your character - the elite of the U.S. armed forces, sniper, super-pro, which threw him into the enemy lines, but rather in some distant country. Power in this country seized by the military. Ordinary people against the ruling junta armed, and they should help our sniper. And I must say that for such a task developers in Sniper: Ghost Warrior pc set a good gameplay. It is well thought out control the main character, and this military action game is very important. After all, whatever mission you have not performed, as long as your opponent has been removed secretly, with the most distance. Well, that was a hush-hush. But always pass all the tasks in the "stealth", passing all the enemies unnoticed fail. Sometimes, your character will simply be short-circuited to begin the fight. You will have to share with riot police destroy the enemy in different buildings and structures. Moreover, developers are worked very cool mission, which does not need to destroy one enemy, but several opponents at once. Guys from City Interactive did everything to facilitate the procedure of execution of such missions, marking a certain way the goals that must be destroyed in the first place, and which after. And it is not necessary that the primary goal was in close proximity to the attackers. So, if you decide to Sniper: Ghost Warrior download and install on your PC, make sure that such missions will be important to "remove" that fighter who is somewhere on the distant approaches, but at the same time standing next with a "panic button." Different missions (sixteen them in the game) you will develop tactics to the particular situation. One tactic is to be, if necessary, to destroy the enemy leader, if necessary, another tactic to undermine military facilities or buildings, and completely differently should act if you will be part of landing party, storming in the deep rear of the enemy camp of the enemy.

In order to Sniper: Ghost Warrior play and perform all the tasks there are four kinds of sniper weapons. Shoot of these rifles should be able to. Because in order to hit the target will need to take into account the trajectory of a bullet by making a correction for wind speed and direction, well and on the gravitational component.

The main weapon of gamer are various types of sniper rifles, melee weapons, explosives, etc. § In the game there are 4 types of sniper rifles. According to the developers, the trajectory of the bullet is calculated after adjusting for wind and gravity. An interesting point: as soon as you hit your goal - the camera immediately begin to pursue a bullet flying away! There is still the main character in the arsenal explosives and weapons for close combat.

If you still can not decide whether you should Sniper Ghost Warrior download, then type in a search bar of your browser to see Sniper: Ghost Warrior video. On the Internet there are many trailers and reviews of this game. After watching these videos, you make sure that the game Sniper Ghost Warrior is worth it to try it in their hand.

Good luck! Go for it!


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