Pirates Treasures

Alternative names: Pirates Treasures
Game Pirates Treasure is a favorite game of many Internet users. Danae game of a series of browser games class puzzle. The game Treasure Pirates you will only play using a computer mouse. The game Pirate Treasure you will need to implement the goals. You like a real pirate must go aboard the ship, and then go on a long voyage. You have to follow the pirate flags, where you need it. Pirates Treasure game online is the essence of the game three in a row. The meaning of this game is to arrange the three stones in a row (no matter horizontal or vertical). Then, after collecting three stones, they disappear, thus, clearing a space for the following stones. The game Treasure Pirates play online you can only, if you create a page on the social networking Classmates and Vkontakte. The game Treasure Pirates free you can at any time. The only thing it should be noted that some options in the game are paid. The game Treasure Pirates and classmates you to deal with the arrangement of pebbles. The meaning of the game is to swap the two nearest stone to get a row of three or more identical stones. Before the beginning of the level you are given a certain goal. After you complete the level goals, it is considered complete. The game Treasure Pirates in touch if you would be difficult to perform certain tasks, you can take advantage of the bonuses that you should buy for playing a coin. Also, using coins, you can recover your life, or buy your favorite rum to all his men, it is necessary to open the scenes in the game. The game Treasure Pirates have the following mission: 1. Swap two stones of the same color places to still get a row of three or more gems of the same color and type. 2. Get rid of the black mark, swapping the stones of the same color. If the game Treasure Pirates have not left moves the stones on the mix. Also a quest in the game you get a certain number of points, these points depends on how many stars you get per level. Maximum number of possible stars - three. Treasures game Pirates rich following types of stones: Blue enneagon. Green round crystal. Orange ruby. Red droplet. Lilac hexagon. Stone with horizontal zipper is a stone which destroys the collection of a number of identical gems with him, destroying a number of stones horizontally. Stone with zipper in the form of a cross is a stone that destroys the collection of a number of identical gems with him, destroying a number of stones horizontally and vertically. Shining stone is a stone, which replaces other types of stones. After passing a level before you nag window that depicts, whether you won on points of his friend or not. You can also invite your friends to this game. Throughout the game before you will see messages that will remind you that you can not play it for yourself, and with one another.

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