Soldier Front 2

Alternative names: Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front Game 2 is a free online computer game-style shooter. This game - a continuation of the first part of the most popular games in the world.

English is carried out in the game Soldier Front 2 registration. To register in Soldier Front 2 You must implement the following recommendations:

1) Login to the game Soldier Front 2, using its search any search engine.

2) Following this, you will need to click on the button « Sing up ». After that you should appear before the registration form of the game Soldier Front 2. On this form, you can also give priority registration through Facebook (social network on the Internet). Below is a description of the standard registration in the game.

3) Then the first line you need to enter Your Email (your email address).

3) Then enter your birth date.

4) Then write code that is presented in the next line.

5) And finally click the checkbox button « Sing up and play ! . " Clicking this you agree with all the rules of the game Soldier Front 2.

Play the game online Soldier Front 2 growns can people who have registered on the site of the game. You must also pay attention to the system requirements for the game:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 - OS ( operating system ).

Intel Pentium 4 March. 0Ghz - CPU ( processor ).

2 GB - RAM ( RAM ).

NVDIA Geforce 6600 - GPU ( video ).

Direct X 9. 0 - Sound (sound).

Soldier Front Game 2 You can play the following classes:

1) Delta Force was formed after numerous terrorist incidents in 1970 in USA. This group was founded on the basis of SAS .

2) Special Forces - he was formed in 1949. This group is Russian. She was created under the leadership of Armed Forces of the USSR during the Second World war.

3) SAS - was formed in July 1941 by David Stirling in the UK. Initially the group was created to infiltrate the German forces from North Africa and the attack from the rear during the Second World War.

4) GIGN - This group was created in France special working group 1973 [_8_ ].

5) GAFE - was originally created in 1986 to ensure the safety of the World Cup in Mexico. Now an integral part of the Mexican Army.

6) UDT - South Korea U command was created [_85_ ] in 1955 . They support strong relationship with U.S. Navy SEALs .

Game 2 Online Soldier Front is coveted online game for those who want to feel the military battle. You will feel yourself as a soldier in one of the most famous groups of the world.

SF 2 game - it is a computer game for real, brave gamers who nestrashno encounter various difficulties.


Sign in computer game Soldier Front 2 Live and enjoy their achievements and progress in the game. Immerse yourself in the incredible world of Soldier Front 2 Online being unbeaten this soldier!


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