Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

Alternative names: Soldiers Inc

Game Soldiers Inc Mobile Warfare war for the sake of war.

The company Plarium has gained fame as a developer of military and economic strategies, and in its collection there are more and more new masterpieces. Soldiers Inc Mobile Warfare was the continuation of the game"Conflict", and it was released in 2013. A new series was created using new technologies. Simulation of locations and characters took place using improved 3D graphics, and for animation, 3D scans and motion capture were used.

Soldiers Inc Mobile Warfare can be downloaded for free, but some add-ons cost money. For security of purchases in the settings it is better to put a password, and not to tell anyone.

Suzhet of the game.

Events unfold in the year 2037. in the country invented by the authors of Selva de Fuego, which is in South America. Numerous troops flock here with one goal to get the formula"Panacea"and to understand how dangerous it is.

Created the vaccine Corporation"Phoenix", saying that their find will solve many problems. Its effect on the human body is unique, accumulating both physical and mental data. Having gained an advantage over others, you can quickly seize power, impose your own order and even command the world. Since ancient times, many have sought this, and now there is a real threat that the formula will fall into the hands of notorious villains.

Around the invention of scientists, a real war unfolded. The authorities collided with lobbies, corporations, insurgents, state and private armies. The player selects the side and, heading the detachment, leaves for Selva de Fuego to break the camp in the free territory and develop it into a fortified base.

Browser version of the game allows you to download Soldiers Inc Mobile Warfare to your computer. It will not differ in any way from the mobile version, having the same characteristics:

    Features of the game process.

  • Vasible for free game process
  • Access to Multiple Languages
  • Excellent graphics with details in 3D
  • Attractive Fighting
  • Participating in Missions
  • Creating alliances
  • Suggestions for single player

Game Soldiers Inc Mobile Warfare alternates military operations with moments of respite so you can pay attention:

  • Events Resources
  • Oil of troops and equipment
  • Improving equipment
  • For the study of a site
  • Distribution of tasks

You should always remember that the enemy is constantly building up his own strength. To counter it, you also need fast tanks, high-speed aircraft, reconnaissance drones, combat robots and well-trained soldiers. Do not forget to explore the surrounding areas. Thanks to the reconnaissance, you not only secure the approaches to the base, but it is also possible to find deposits of minerals or find a cache with important artifacts.

The important role played by the equipment of soldiers. Soldiers Inc Mobile Warfare game allows you to successfully combine the available items of uniforms and weapons. You can create an effective model of an almost invulnerable, mobile and tactically perfect warrior. To achieve the goal, choose what will be your behavior. Sometimes it's better to attack first, using the effect of surprise. Another time, it is preferable to defend yourself, using the features of the area for yourself for good.

Game Soldiers Inc. assumes active cooperation with other players. With some it is necessary to conclude friendly agreements and create alliances, others will turn into fierce enemies. Also take part in tournaments, complete quests and pass quests to get valuable awards for achievements. Perhaps everything, the main thing is not to give up!


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