Song of Solaris

Alternative names: Song of Solaris

Game Song of Solaris: not everything is calm in Laputa Kingdom

Browser game Song of Solaris takes you to the continent Laputa, who is well acquainted with the fans of anime. Here the power of magic, supported by technology, reigns. The history of this territory knew all sorts of times and peaceful, and when demons were in charge of it. But they did not appear in Laputa for five hundred years, thanks to the Order. During this time, the inhabitants managed to get used to a quiet life, and on the green fields again unicorns graze peacefully. However, the evil forces once again claimed about themselves, and residents increasingly began to notice monsters in their fields. It's time to invoke brave heroes who do not fear Song of Solaris playing, exterminating villains.

Personazhi, classes and pets

When the Song of Solaris is completed, start getting acquainted with the situation. The population of the fairy-tale country looks rather like a kind of pups with big eyes, sticking out tails, short skirts and panties, children's caps. At the same time, a thick beard grows on the face of the male character, and a little girl will swing a damn sword. And this army is ready to oppose the terrible demons and formidable monsters.

All characters are divided into six groups:

  • Characters are not the best fighters in close combat, but they are no more terrible when it comes to psychological attack. Using totems and spells, they take control of enemy units and control the situation on the field.
  • The warriors masterfully strike their sword, facing the enemy tete-a-tete. After them, the rest remains a little work.
  • Arrows stay away from the front line, but from far positions effectively thin out the enemy's army, releasing their arrows into it.
  • Hunters track down an opponent, moving around the field and entering the rear of the enemy detachment. They have a high speed and a high rate of defeat.
  • Mages are still fans of violence. Turning to the ancient spells, they skillfully use them to mass defeat the enemy. But they are physically so weak that they can not stand the slightest poke.
  • Shamans beat the tambourines and cry out for the help of spirits when it is necessary to heal the wounds of their companions. They can be called pacifists, who do not kill themselves, and pray for the salvation of others. With their help, Allied warriors remain healthy and gain temporary invulnerability.

In the world of fantasy it is accepted to acquire different pet assistants, and this product is not an exception. Here you can grow your own or tame a wild pet, but except animals accompany the players will be dolls, dragons, elves, robots and plants.

In the beginning, pets are in two states: infants or wild. Infants should be improved all the time, accumulating in the battles experience and acquiring items. You can obtain an assistant in various ways:

  • Connect the monster in battle, and then tame it
  • In investigating dungeons in search of pet eggs
  • Obtain an egg for some achievement, or participate in game events
  • Round the ancient forbidden path and take away from the lifeless body of the boss the dragon egg

What to expect from the hostilities

Draki in iPlayer Song of Solaris occur in the type of turn-based actions, when after each of your attacks follows the opponent's response. You can use"autoboy", but only in case when the enemy definitely will not be able to cause you serious injury. In other cases, the function guarantees a 90% loss on your part.

The hardest thing to fight with bosses, and in order to defeat them, you have to accumulate enough skills to not just repulse, but suppress the enemy with power. But the victory will be marked by the developers, and you will receive a worthy reward.


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