Sonic Generations Nostalgia Edition

Alternative names: Sonic Generations Nostalgia Edition

Processor: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz / Athlon 64 X2 4000 +


Video Card: 512 MB of memory

Disk Space: 11 GB



Game Sonic Generations was developed by designers and programmers of Sega to the 20th anniversary of one of the most popular characters in the computer world - a hedgehog named Sonic. Sonic Generations was released almost all existing gaming platform, and the plot was to carry fans brave hedgehog speed on all parts of the game series, recalling each of his adventures. Game directs the protagonist in time for all the previous parts of the game, starting with the first, in some it can travel to meet itself.


Computer journey


It is noteworthy that the development of games for different platforms had some differences between the console versions, and the one that was released for PCs. So, Sonic Generations PC has a number of significant differences. The first is easy navigation through the game levels, worlds, each of which can be accessed from the special location of the World selection levels, strongly reminiscent of the initial levels of the first parts of the Sonic games. First level navigation Sonic Generations is totally interactive, it can do everything the same as in all other - run, jump, interact with objects around us, the only thing which is not in the starting level, so that the enemies and you can move without safe to stumble upon another mutant or descend on spikes. Initially the game Sonic Generations gives us almost colorless world level selection, but as you progress through the paint it will become brighter and will open new levels, carrying hero in the classical world is Sonic, the modern, and later opened a third world - the era Dreamcast.


Sonic Worlds


All three games of the world differ from each other, but retain the overall atmosphere. Each of the levels of any of the world will consist of four interconnected episodes, and each level will be opened after the passage of the previous one, and it does not matter to which the world will treat this level, the game has a strict order. After passage of the modern world, when Sonic can win the main boss of the modern world Sonic open and bonus fourth world, which is a flawed mechanism within which the protagonist must gather the seven Chaos Emeralds. Once all the stones will be collected, and the mechanism is fixed, you can access the battle with the villain of all game worlds.




In each of the acts of any level of the game will be hidden bonus Red Star Ring, which will give an opportunity to open up new, unexplored earlier skills, increase your running speed or height jumping hero or add new types of attack, which is not just to work for you on a journey . You should be careful, because the location of the five cherished rings you will discover one of the many friends of Sonic, a small dialog before each episode. After going through all the levels, the game is not coming to an end and before the player will open additional missions where he can not only play Sonic, but also other characters, performing special tasks and get some extra rewards.


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