Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Alternative names: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon 64 3. 2 GHz


Video Card: GeForce 7600/Radeon X1300

Disk Space: 5. 2GB



Sonic Sega All-stars Rasing - arcade game based on the adventures of one of the most recognizable game characters of the computer world, Sonic hedgehog. Racing Sonic offer us to hold the competition between any of the characters on the game series of bizarre car or motorcycle. Each of the available characters will have its exclusive feature that it can be applied during check-in Sonic Sega All-stars. Sonic will be able to transform into Super Sonic, increasing the speed and power of your car. Sonic racing games, as well as other side projects, such as tennis and many others, based on the idea of ​​the series, enables the other hand look at one game worlds and the most popular games in the history of interactive entertainment.




Before the game Sonic Sega All-stars Rasing we demonstrate a very dynamic and colorful video, where the emerald jungle on various vehicles, airplanes, cars, motorcycles, fly recognizable characters of all games of Sonic. Next Sonic Sega game called advanced menu where you can choose one of several options available races. The first of them in Sonic Sega All-stars will be a tournament consisting of several steps, and those in turn, like the classic game Sonic levels consist of four separate episodes. Home and objective in each stage - occupy the top places which only three. Only in this way you will be able to win the coveted cup and go to the next step, which will be closed until then. Besides the tournament, in the main menu you can select other versions of the game, single races and even an option when you can on a single computer to play with his friend.




All the characters are familiar to anyone who has ever played in one of the stories about the high-speed Sonic hedgehog. In the game Sonic the race can play not only for positive characters, but for the notorious villains. Here we meet old friends such as Dr. Eggman, Tails fox, Ryu Hazuki, monkey Amigo, Sonic himself and a lot of other characters from the universe of gaming company Sega. Each character will be paired with his vehicle and it will be impossible to replace. Who are the heroes will use quads, and someone would have liked more than a small plane. It is noteworthy that in each of Sonic Sega vehicles will differ not only the features of its pilot, but a unique control.




Sonic Racing are not very complex and claims to naturalness of physical models, however, it is not necessary for the games of this genre. Important thing here is a riot of colors and dynamic event, which races in the roof. All races will be held at the maximum speed, and vybudete constant pressure on the gas, trying to more effectively enter the next turn, earning this bonus points or temporary acceleration. In addition to each of the tracks will be arranged boxes with all sorts of useful bonuses like homing missiles, mines or managed accelerator. One of the most interesting game modes allow you to perform many simple tasks. There is a knockout race, collecting rings, a shooting gallery and a lot more.


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