Alternative names: SOUL

If you are a fan of 3 D , then the game SOUL certainly you'll be pleased. In this game on the network, you can play with a variety of already registered users. Besides, not so long ago the administration system was presented a new feature whereby all participants can communicate with each other using a microphone that will greatly facilitate the process of the game and make it much more interesting. Get ready for what awaits a huge number of skirmishes and battles. You will visit the caves and strange kingdom. Graphics game admired. The main essence of SOUL online - yet to win battles. It should be noted that the process of battle is implemented in the game very well, all the battles are fast and true. A most enjoyable is that the character development occurs atypically - is an exciting and touching process.

You have to pull up your tactical combat skills. Now players will be able to combine several different techniques at the same time - previously this was not in any online game. The game's plot is closely related to the process of the game. Look forward to a lot of different tasks and quests, as you complete you will be able to choose your character's development history. It is a kind of highlight of the game, which draws and makes firmly "hooked" on the game!

To start the game in SOUL registration is imperative. Thanks adapted for Russian users Game interface to understand the subtleties of form filling will be easy. Because it is one of the two games GameXP , you can not register for a new, if you have ever had to deal with this game design.

1. So that registration started, click on the eponymous "Register" button located on the top left.

2. Here you will see registration form, which will need to complete in accordance with the system prompts. Thus, in the first box you will need to provide your e-mail address under which you and will be in play as SOUL login.

3. Next, you need to write down your password and if you want to fill out additional form fields.

4. If you want to receive messages from the system tick subscribe.

5. Click "Register" and after you activate your account on the link, which came in the mail and download the game client you can start playing the game SOUL.

To download the game, you can simply click on the button of the same name. Client installation method will be described in detail on the screen that opens before you.

Total in battle, each player can use the following types of actions:

1. Jumping.

2. Jerks.

3. Movement.

4. Flight.

5. Attraction.

Anyone will be able to play free SOUL. Hurry up and you try your hand at this game. Fight monsters, whose artificial intelligence allows you to attack atypically, each time new that forces players to be constantly on the alert. Real gaming excitement has riveted the attention of many gamers, and you are in a hurry to join them!


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