Space Rangers 2

Alternative names: Space Rangers 2

Game Space Rangers 2 is notable in that it was developed in the Russian Federation. As the creators of the project was the famous company Elemental Games. The game was published in late 2004 and immediately after the presentation was acquired by millions of users across the world. Despite its venerable (by gaming standards) age, and the project to date easily attracts players from all over the world. In Western countries, it is known as a game Space Rangers 2.

Another difference from most computer games is a combination of various genres in one project. Thus, in the space rangers easily view notes RPG and text adventure, the best elements of turn-based and real-time passing strategies, and something from the project and took action games and arcades. Just to make sure, as far as sound and addictive game is, you can download Space Rangers 2. You expect serious space adventure, which, as practice shows, are the most interesting for the average player.

Space Rangers 2: Dominators will take you during the 250 years after the brutal war was over with civilization klisanov. To be precise, you will travel in 3300god. In the arena of the four basic human civilization with which the nation has decided to cooperate. Among them:

1. Maloqs.

2. Bearings.

3. Feyany.

4. Gaalians.

All soldiers will eventually have to come together in a coalition, as the enemies appear on the horizon - Dominators - kibermonstry, which have their own unique intelligence. As you can see, in the Space Rangers 2 play you will be fun and exciting, developing all kinds of strategies that can lead to victory own nation. In the game you will manage your own character - Space Ranger. It can receive a wide variety of skills, but to do all this it will be for the sole purpose - to save the galaxy.

In Space Rangers 2 heroes slightly upgraded compared to previous installments. Now available in two new classes began - corsairs and mercenaries. Each of the members of the class has special abilities that can be of great help in the confrontation with the Dominators.

Can choose your hero will be available in Space Rangers 2 ships starships. This is an important means of transportation, without which succeed fail. You will be able to improve the ship and adapt it to your needs.

Before you start the game you will need to download Space Rangers 2. This can be done easily and quickly by the torrent. Project Setup takes less than 20 minutes, and immediately after that you will be able to immerse themselves in the incredible world of space.

To see with my own eyes and imagine what is this game, we suggest you to reconsider Space Rangers 2 video trailer. This will help to make the most correct impression.


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