Space Rangers Revolution

Alternative names: Space Rangers Revolution

Despite the fact that the game Space Rangers 2: Revolution - is not a full and independent project, it can rightly be considered as such. This supplement is really considered one of the most successful. With his appearance millions favorite game received a new breath and became even more strongly attract not only experienced, but also young gamers. Game Space Rangers Revolution The best traditions of the genre. The project has traditionally been very cozy get on all the best elements of your favorite genres. In this game, everyone finds themselves: and lover of arcade and strategy, and the text adventure and RPG, as well as many others. That versatility is a major highlight of the project, which surpass, by the way, to this day, nobody can.

The game Space Rangers 2: Revolution to play you have to undergoing the distant year 3300. During this period, a grand war of humanity against alien forces has been completed, but there is no time to relax the nation. Now over mankind looming new threat - Dominators. This unusual creature - original forms of life, the main difference is that their unique intelligence. Game Space Rangers Revolution will present you with a brand new enemy that will be configured quite aggressively. However, unless you can not cope with such characters?

Before you start the game you will need to download Space Rangers 2. The whole process from the power take you about 20 minutes to find and boot files without problems can be on any torrent tracker. You will be meeting with several races, including:

1. Maloqs.

2. People.

3. Gaalians.

4. Bearings.

5. Faeyans.

In-Game Space Rangers 2: Revolution heroes (all of the above) for the salvation of each one's own nation decided to seek the help of a clever and daring space rangers.

Prepare to be that this supplement you get skills with brand new weapons. All actions will be developed in the extended map, which you will need to explore inside and out!

Your character - Ranger, nothing unusual! Hurry up to download Space Rangers Revolution to practice to check all updates and improvements. You will need to choose a race and your own spaceship. Everything is ready - you can now go in and go! Ahead of a huge number of missions and tasks. Before you open a new galaxy. Your character will be able to engage in trade. And, of course, you and your hero will be able to train again logical thinking skills in text quests.

Game Space Rangers 2: The revolution will be pleased with you and your own unpredictability. It does not have any specific scenario, everything will depend entirely on your actions. This gives the project a spice.

To see for yourself the veracity of all the above, you may want to reconsider to Space Rangers 2: Revolution video trailer, which describes in detail all of the major merits of the project.


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