Spartan Wars

Alternative names: Spartan Wars

Spartan Wars game is a game that will take you on a journey under the guidance of the gods.

Spartan Wars online - this is a game about the Spartan battle where the battle will be soaked with blood.

In Spartan Wars registration is simple and particularly a lot of time you have, of course, will not take.

In order to register in the game you will need:

1. Internet connection and a browser.

2. Find in a search engine's game Spartan Wars Empire Of Honor.

3. Go to the main page of the site click on the link that says "Register".

4. You will see a form to fill.

5. Enter the first cell in your user name. This can be a real name and fictitious.

6. Next, write your name or come up with a login and enter it.

7. Enter the address of your mailbox.

8. Come up with a special password for the game and write it in the appropriate cell.

9. Then enter the password again to confirm.

Important! Those items marked with an asterisk are required.

10. Click on "Register".


Game Sparta Warriors provides you select three gods. You will be given the opportunity to perform three steps with the gods

- Worship (worship) - You choose god, who will worship the residents who live in your city. Your hero can only worship one God chosen, and each god gives the city its original bonuses. God alone can increase the production potential of the tree, and the other something else, and so

- Level Up (improving) - when the level of the god you multiply the number of bonuses that this god can bring to your town. To do this you will need glasses Faith. Usually they earn in battle and using the victim. Faith is important to earn points as soon as possible.

- Sacrifice (sacrifice) - in this case you donate god card to get points for her Faith. Typically only donate the cards gods whom the player has two, and so it is better that you do not.

Play Spartan Wars You will be among the troops proposed

1. Scout (Scout). This fast troops, but very weak. They are the scouts. They can be used for exploration in other cities. Scouts bring you information about the resources and forces your opponent.

2. Swordsman (Swordsman). They are considered the backbone of any army. Their weapon - a sword. They have bonuses against warriors who attacked with axes and cavalry, but these troops are easily killed with arrows. The main advantage of swordsmen, they are cheap and can be a lot to buy.

3. Spearman (Spear). This is the most important strong warriors who go on foot. Their weapon - a spear. They have a bonus against swordsmen and cavalry troops, They are also easy to kill with arrows.

4. Axeman (axemen). It's quite powerful warriors. Their weapon - a hatchet. They have a bonus against spearmen and cavalry troops. These troops easily killed with arrows.

5. Archer (Archer). These troops have power against foot troops, but they are quite weak in defending

6. Cavalry (Cavalry). This forces the same Swordsmen, only on horseback. Their weapons are swords. They have a bonus against warriors who attacked with axes and against archers. Their most quickly can kill hordes of infantry.

7. Lancer (Knight). These are the same Spear, only on horseback. They attack with spears. They have an advantage against swordsmen and archers.

8. Axerider (Axeman on horseback). It warriors who have an ax and go riding. They have a bonus against spearmen and archers.


Spartan Wars you will play in a heartbeat. Spartan Wars Online - this is the game for you!


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