Sparta Empire at War

Alternative names: Sparta: Options of- Empiress

Sparta: Empire at War - military economic real-time strategy.

There you expect an epic battle, the legendary feats and of course the exciting adventures. Our main goal in the game will join battle with other players, as well as the most ruthless king Xerxes. Who will win, and who will receive power over the ancient world.

In order to win you need to be pretty to try to create your own army, build and strengthen the walls of his policy. But that's not all because one of the important components are resources

  • Wood
  • Grain
  • Bronze

sort things and start to Sparta: Empire at War play to come to the aid of your own Leonidas, king of Sparta!

One possible way to achieve success is the conquest of neighboring policy. For this game Sparta: Empire at War has over thirty different units these include:

  • rapid Macedonian horsemen
  • persistent Greek hoplites,
  • legendary Spartan warrior
  • valiant Myrmidons

All of them will be in a single order and will fight to the & laquo; victory & raquo; shoulder to shoulder.

develop and play the game Sparta: Empire at War is possible in several ways:

  • If you are not ready to immediately fight the real enemy, then there is an opportunity to try their hand with computer enemy. Oracle will tell you where to find an available target. For its conquest due reward in the form of experience, the troops and, of course, resources.
  • Also, there is another way to get rich, it is Togosa building, and then the conquest of colonies. Which contains a lot of different resources, so that the longer a colony is under your influence, the more resources you can get. Really do not forget the noble generals, who also want to compete for the choicest pieces. Therefore, in a timely manner to sign an agreement on mutual assistance with other policies, it will make you more powerful!

In addition, the game Sparta War of Empires gives you the ability to create an alliance or join an existing one. To do this, go to the nearest embassy and make your choice. It should capture as much as possible the Pantheon and develop them. Then soon you will become the new king of Sparta! However, it should be careful, because the close, namely in the east freestyle Greece was a cruel enemy of the King of Persia, Xerxes and his army. They will constantly attack the pantheon. But do not despair, because for the victory over the Persians in the award of the gods you will receive Orichalcum, it will make available the royal troops and give them strength and energy in half. After that, no one can resist your army.

Before the gameplay you need to go to the official site of the project and pass it simple and quick registration process, which will be as follows: you must specify the name of your game; email address; enter your password; get acquainted with the user agreement; press Sparta: Empire at War registration. Now, all actions depend on you, quickly collect his valiant warriors, strengthen policies, and go hiking in the new!


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