Spec Ops: The Line

Alternative names: Spec Ops: The Line

Game Spec Ops: The Line - is a multi-platform game in the genre of military action from the developer Yager Development, published June 26, 2012. Localizer on the territory of the Russian Federation is 1C-SoftKlab, which released the game in Russian at the same time with the world premiere. The guys from Yager created quite a good game. If you start playing Spec Ops: The Line, then for sure how many will agree that the story in this game really stands out!

So, in the game Spec Ops: The Line story about the events being the main character, whom here is Captain M. Walker. Him as commander of the group of fighters throw in Dubail that because frequent incredibly strong and long sandstorms covered with sand so that live in it became unbearable. Most of the locals managed to take out of town. Now Duban behind some people and marauding bands. Once in the central part Dubail based headquarters thirty third battalion shtatovskie army under the command of Colonel Conrad. After six months of complete silence suddenly comes from Colonel message of default evacuation mission. To clarify the situation, and the rescue operation in the city, sent a special group "Delta" under the command of Walker. Being already in Duban, riot realizes that they got into a real mess combat.

Game Spec Ops: The Line pc developers so conceived that it has divergent endings. 4 options available to gamers complete the game. Point of passage of variant endings located in the very last chapter, and no it does not affect the action gamer during the game. That's what the game offered endings

1. Captain M. Walker allows Colonel Conrad kill himself, or he commits suicide, talking with Colonel

2. Captain M. Walker decides to kill the colonel, and then rent the unit, which brings it home.

3. Captain M. Colonel Walker decides to kill and are killed in a shootout with the rescue squad.

4. Captain M. Walker decides to kill the colonel, and then removes all the fighters of the rescue team, and he decides to stay in Duba.

If you have not yet decided whether to Spec Ops: The Line download, then we recommend that you find on the internet about Spec Ops: The Line review. After reading numerous opinions of critics or experienced gamers as well as seeing the overview videos and game trailers, will be easier to decide if you need to download and install on your PC.

Installing the game and start playing it, you will get acquainted with the following characters:

1. Detachment of "Delta" - Captain Martin Walker, 1st Lt. Adams - Heavy Art. Sergeant Lugo - sniper.

2. Damned (33th Battalion) - Colonel John Conrad, DJ - war correspondent, mob boss, First Lieutenant McPherson, Staff Sergeant John Forbes.

3. CIA - Kastavian agents, Daniels, Gould, Riggs.

In Spec Ops: The Line mission. Their developers are inserted into the game quite a lot. It begins with a prologue, then 15 chapters and an epilogue, so that anyone, even the pickiest gamers will be where to turn.

If you are intrigued by our story about the game, then go to the official website http://www. specopstheline. com / index. html and download the game. Sure happy to spend more than one hour for the passage of this fascinating and very solidly made game in military style.


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