Spiral Knights

Alternative names: Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights - multiplayer online role-playing game. Combines a variety of genres. Created for lovers of adventurous journeys through uncharted worlds. You'll learn Clockworks planet and fight its inhabitants. Spiral Knights game may seem pretty simple, but still in the future, you will feel all its fascination.

What would have to move quickly to the gameplay worth to start to create your account in the game. Spiral Knights Who do you share a second time. Only correctly specify the required data:

  • Enter your email address;
  • Invent and write down your password, consisting of not less than six characters.

And can immediately start playing the game Spiral Knights. Here in the early stages you come up with a name for your character, or you can use a random choice of name of the Internet program. And then create a character - his guise, of the proposed four options. You choose the initial equipment, and by the way, when your character itself already has a sword, shield and gun. Still need to decide on the color, which in the future can no longer be changed. At this stage you have assigned to your character.

Now begin. Uncharted planet - Clockworks, you get an unexpected crash your ship. And you with his three companions, like you decide izvedyvat territory. You find yourself in the city of Haven. Here there is incredible. The world is so fantastic that changes constantly supplied.

Spiral Knights play accordingly as you can together in guilds, consisting of four persons, and fight alone.

All your equipment and necessary items throughout the game, you have the opportunity to resell at auction, or just buy. But then there is the ideal option for earning

  • Auction and resources
  • Tokens;
  • Kraft;
  • Recipes,
  • Resale.

Auction and resources - the ability to sell your existing resources in the auction, while tracing the most running and expensive resources.

Tokens - as additional income. At each level will drop out of the chests.

Kraft - selling things to fatten prices.

Recipes - sale of previously purchased on the cheap recipes.

Resale - at the expiration of the auction - to bid on your product and sell it.

In general, it is necessary to turn over such fraud and improve your equipment.

Spiral Knights online game developed cartoony graphics, like a simple, but pretty high quality. So you do not get discouraged, these games provide a lot of fun and excitement. The gameplay is also pretty entertaining, such an abundance of mass struggles not met everywhere.

An opportunity to play the game Spiral Knights for free, manufacturers automatically increase their circle of fans, and this attracted other players.


In this exciting world and everyone can fall, but hold on to it pretty is not easy. But it is worth to try your hand! Next, in the world of the unknown!


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