Alternative names: SpyParty
If you have at least some fancy mechanics one of the most famous games of modern Mafia, then SpyParty pc exactly you'll be pleased. This project is an excellent "logical simulator", which will allow to develop attentiveness, skill, ingenuity. SpayPati is a unique feature - it's Spy simulation game. The project is based on human behavior, cunning, perception of reality, intrigue, deceit - simply put, if you are a gambling man and savvy, then this game would be the best way to break away! New game SpyParty radically different from most other projects that also claimed the title of "spyware." Most of the competitors in this project in the gameplay puts emphasis on continuous shooting, explosions, chases mind-blowing. Developers also SpayPati decided to go a completely different way - they allowed gamers to translate into reality the most imaginative ideas. Intelligent player can develop for themselves the tactics by which he can be in constant sight of their opponents, but to pursue policies that would in any case not allowed his vykryt. In SpyParty play must carefully weigh each decision. However, besides taking care "of their own skin" gamer is very important to monitor the behavior of their opponents. The player must be so careful that no detail should escape out of his sight. Even the most unremarkable at first glance little things can contribute to achieving the goal. This game - a real gem for fans of intelligent computer games, shooters who prefer horror and logical task, forcing the "brains." Our review SpyParty hurry please all interested in this project: the game currently is already under closed beta, respectively, everyone will be able to try their luck in the spy craft. To date, the cost of participation in testing is only 15 dollars. To register for the test, it is enough to enter your username and e-mail (well, and, of course, pay for 15 "bucks", otherwise - in any way). Incidentally participate in the beta will allow gamers to not only know what is a game of reality, but on the first night I get a copy SkyParty. The first time the game will be available online, but soon after the official presentation download SpyParty will be on the PC and console version (at least that's what the developers promise). All major events unfold around the confrontation of two characters - a spy and sniper. Since the developers were inspired by the atmosphere of mafia 60s, the game is not just fun, but also looks very attractive - all levels, characters, decorative items, interior. You will only need one only SpyParty video to fall in love with this game once and for all!

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