STALKER: Clear Sky

Alternative names: STALKER: Clear Sky

Game STALKER: Clear Sky - fantastic multiplayer role-playing game in the genre of first-person shooter, which is the official part prequel called S. : Shadow of Chernobyl. As the first part and the prequel developed by GSC Game World. Stalker Clear Sky game shows events that took place a year before those incidents that are known from the official part of the plot. Towards the center of the Zone too close group of stalkers. Happens unexpectedly violent eruption, after which changes the whole area. Many of the soldiers who find themselves in places anomalies died. Soon conflicts between factions, eventually growing into a real war for territory and field artifacts. Protagonist - the mercenary named Scar. He survived more emissions, while all members of his team were killed. Representatives of the secret group "Clean Sky" poor man found on the railway in the north of the Marshes and taken to their base. It is here that Scar oklemalsya and then began to collaborate with their saviors. What happens next, you can learn, starting to play Stalker Clear Sky.

Caught in a fantasy world, you will be able to choose a course of conduct. You can become a bystander or an active participant in what is happening around. Regardless of your actions the world is always rich in a variety of events. With each step you expect new surprises. For example, for the next turn can be configured in a friendly group of stalkers or den dangerous monsters, a trap from which it is practically impossible to get or valuable trophy. And in order to implement such an unforgettable journey, you just need to download Stalker Clear Sky. Innovative system life simulation game controls all the characters and events in the Zone. Therefore, the world is really lively and agile. Dynamics in gameplay adds and change the time of day. Indeed, on the day or night on the street depends on many things. We give a small example. In the darkness, many animals see better, you will not tell the person to whom in the dark have to be even more careful. Maybe at night is not worth leaning out shelters? In general, all the time, and you'll need to learn to understand it. About a thousand stalkers successfully survive in this world. They conduct research, if necessary enter into battle, make trade transactions, communicate with each other and do not forget about the rest. You can become one of them and live the lifestyle that most prefer. Fortunately, the freedom of action in the game allows it.

To come out unscathed from the battle, you have to take care of reliable gear. Stalker Clear Sky weapons quite diverse, besides little things such as the silencer, grenade launcher, sniper scope subject to improvement. Available to use and other ancillary items: protective clothing, first aid kits, detectors, bandages, protection from radiation. Once you download the video Stalker Clear Sky, can immediately take action and eventually to achieve wealth and fame and, despite all the upcoming difficulties.

Prequel able to please the user with many features, which will seduce you. Life does not stand still, and with it change and favorite entertainment. Try it - you will not regret!


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