Stalker Online

Alternative names: Stalker online

Finally, there was what was expected by all fans of the famous series of games S. R. Much has been said and retold about how it should look like the game Stalker online at various online forums. All large army of online gamers CIS expected moment when the same online game Stalker will delight them with his triumphant exit to the open spaces of the Internet.

And, behold, a company of programmers from Yekaterinburg Cybertime System gathered courage, and trying to accommodate the wishes of fans of the series, has taken this long-awaited attempt and showed us should look like online game Stalker. Congratulations dear gamers! Now you can play online stalker!

For those who do not know. All games in the series S. R. based on maximum realism simulation of life in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. And in the near future, an alternative where NPP occurred more powerful emission of radiation. This naturally affected the environment of the Zone. Began to appear various anomalies, artifacts, etc. § It is the study of these phenomena and deal with stalkers - hermits Zone. For one of them and you have to play the game online stalker.

In Stalker online have to play by starting the game file from your computer. You can download the game on the main site of the game.
1. In the "Download game" then choose one of the links to download.
2. When the archive to the game loaded on your computer, extract the files in it.
3. Using unzip the file easy installation, and you can play the game online stalker.
Then on the game site you must be passed Stalker registration.
1. First you have to agree to the rules of the forum Stalker-Online,
2. Then enter your login (the name under which you will learn in the game and on the website)
3. Email address
4. Password confirmation
5. Select the language you are comfortable to play, time zone.
6. Complete a simple check that the registration Stalker traversed a live person and not a bot.

Play Stalker Online you get only if your computer meets these minimum system requirements:
Minimum System Requirements:
Video: NVidia GeForce 8600, Ati x1600 with SM3. 0 with at least 256Mb memory
RAM: 2Gb
CPU: 1800 MHz
OS: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 (32/64bit)
System: Latest DirectX 9. 0c,. NET Framework 3.

When checking in the game before you Stalker opens vast universe preserving entourage struggle for survival in a restricted zone of the Chernobyl NPP. Stalker online is currently in beta. That is, in the future you should expect only new improvements from game developers.

Stalker online game in which most of the time given to perform all sorts of tasks and quests. At first they may seem too simple, but with the accumulation of experience your stalker will become stronger and receive tasks aimed, for example, in-depth study of anomalies Zone. For the execution of all tasks you get an experience that goes on development characteristics of your stalker. The game has no clearly defined character classes, because you yourself are free to choose the role that you liking.

All online game Stalker built on democratic principles, where every gamer forum games right to publish their views and suggestions on your favorite game, to make it even better. Become a newcomer among stalkers. You can choose for themselves the fate of a mercenary or go the way of asceticism, and maybe you would be more interesting to unravel the mystery of the Zone. Options you navigate exciting world Stalker online you abound, and each of them gives genuine emotions.
Stalker online game is waiting for you!


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