Star Wars Battlefront 2

Alternative names: Star Wars Battlefront 2

Long-awaited Star Wars Battlefront 2 game.

Targeted three development studios from Sweden, Canada and England rallied to work together on the continuation of Star Wars. The game Star Wars Battlefront 2, is a shooter with the ability to switch between the third and first person. Three modes are also available:

  • Support
  • Multi-user
  • Cooperative

Participate in space battles can up to 40 participants. On Xbox One and PlayStation IV, friends can manage events on a split screen, and the experience gained, prizes and awards are transferred to the game over the network. But if you choose a PC, note that in this case a split screen is not possible.

Subject Campaign.

Starting to play the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game, you will become a participant in a 30-year-long event that contains the period between the sixth and seventh parts of the epic. They are taking to the moment when Emperor Shiv Palpatine dies during the battles at Endor and the second Death Star explodes. Since the events mainly come from the imperial side, players will be able to observe the development of the First Order and its further opposition to the Resistance.

Iden Versio leading heroine and commander of "Inferno", cherishes the dream of revenge against the rebels for the Empire. Although she herself saw the death of the second Death Star, it did not break her, but only hardened and hardened, gave determination. Being faithful to Palpatine, she remembers his last order to suppress the uprising, and is determined to keep the word given then. In her squad only the best fighters who are ready to unconditionally fulfill any order. This causes them to plow the galaxy, tracking down the enemies of the Empire.

If you download Star Wars Battlefront 2, you will become a participant in exciting space adventures and will be able to act on behalf of famous heroes. For example, when the action takes place on the ground, and about 40 people participate in the fight, there is a chance to play the role of Kylo Ren or Skywalker, Yoda, Ray, Darth Maul and other famous personalities.

Having started playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, you will see that the plot covers three temporary epochs, which distinguishes this game from the previous one. Usually, the heroes of each era interact only within the limits assigned to them, but there are exceptions. In some cases, characters from different periods can meet for decisive action. Places where fighting is unfolding should also be familiar to players. These are Hote, Yavin, Teed, Starkiller base, Mos-Eisley and other legendary places.

.Significantly better, in comparison with the previous toy, was the system of pumping fighters and more divisions into classes.

  • Arrows are effective at medium distances. Helps heavier fighters break through the enemy's camp.
  • Heavy fighters hold defense, taking the brunt of themselves.
  • Officers increase the fighting qualities of their group.
  • Specialists of defense experts who arrange ingenious traps for enemies.

Pumping does not store any surprises, and experienced gamers will quickly figure out what's what. Actually, for the development and purchase of more advanced weapons and equipment will have to perform various tasks, participate in battles, etc. d.

Technique in Star Wars Battlefront 2 provides for both ground and air. Going to conquer the stars, will manage small shuttles and spaceships such as the T-65 Crusader and the Millennium Falcon. A flexible system of settings allows you to create not only unique fighters, but also fighters. The more experienced your character, the more thoroughly he pumped, and the better his ship, the greater the chance of winning.


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