Star Wars Battlefront 2

Alternative names: Star Wars Battleground 2
This forces them to furrow the galaxy, tracing the enemies of the Empire. For example, when the action takes place on the ground, and about 40 people take part in the accident, there is a chance to act as Kailo Ren or Skywalker, Yoda, Rhea, Darth Maul and other famous personalities.

Starting Star Wars Battlefront 2 to play, you will see that the story illuminates three time epochs, which distinguishes this game from the previous one. In some cases, characters from different periods can meet for decisive action. Places where hostilities unfold, too, should be familiar to players. This is Hote, Yavin, Teed, base"Starkiller", Mos-Eisli and other legendary places.

Much better, in comparison with the previous toy, was the system of pumping the fighters and more divisions into classes.

  • The arrows are effective at medium distances. Help more difficult fighters punch in the camp of the enemy gap.
  • Heavy fighters keep the defense, taking the main blow at themselves.
  • Officers improve the fighting qualities of their group.
  • Specialists are experts in defense, arranging dodgy traps for enemies.

Purchachka does not store any surprises, and experienced gamers will quickly figure out what's what.


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