Star Conflict

Alternative names: Star Conflict

Star Conflict game of the legend of the cosmos.

The game Star Conflict is a multiplayer online project, which for the history of its existence attracted the attention of many players. The Star Conflict tells of a story that happened outside the planet Earth. People, having mastered the technology of spacecraft, and intergalactic flights, were forced to leave their own planet, and will recover to master new worlds. In distant space they discovered fragments of a mighty civilization that was destroyed by an unknown force. Now different associations and organizations are fighting for power in the vast interstellar spaces, entering into fierce battles between themselves.

The galaxy is inhabited not only by people, but also by extraterrestrial beings. Their spacecraft have many modifications and surpass the technique of earthlings.

Star Conflict is a space simulator, the authors of the project call it a command game, as alone the player at some point simply can not cope. Spectacular air battles are waiting for users in the project, they can participate in teams, teaming up with other players and waging battles for life and death with real enemies currently sitting in front of computer monitors. The choice is always, those who are not attracted to realistic regimes, can spend time, performing various missions, and they are in the game abound.

In the game there is a mode called "Open World", you can get there by making a hyper jump. It has a huge number of different locations, the player is given complete freedom of action, he can commit looting and extract valuable resources, winning a computer or real rival. Despite the fact that in the open space there is anarchy, the police in it still exists, choosing the side of good or evil, the player determines his karma.

Virtual World Star Conflict

Despite the fact that the game already has millions of users, it will never be too late to join the space wars and adventure. To do this, you need to download Star Conflict, as this is an online client game, it requires a program installed on a personal computer. After this procedure, the player moves to the virtual world of star battles, in which he can play for free. Download Star Conflict can not be on the most powerful and modern computer, it should have one gigabyte of RAM and only two gigs of hard disk space.

Spacecraft in the game of three classes and each class has its own special purpose and characteristics:

  • Interceptors are the most maneuverable and small ships, they are designed for lightning attacks on objects without reinforcement. With their help you can get close to the enemy, inflict significant damage and quickly escape. Modifications of these ships can be used for reconnaissance and sabotage. They have the weakest armor.
  • Ground-attack planes are middle class, they have better protective properties than interceptors, the size is bigger, that's why the weapons are more powerful, but they are less fast. They are divided into team, percussion and barrage. The former are needed to reinforce the allies, the latter for the breakthrough and the third for the interception.
  • The frigates are the largest, well-armed combat aircraft. They also have different roles: engineering is needed for various buildings, frigates of cover - serve as shields, long-range ones - are great for battles at great distances.

All this variety of technology can be supplied with different equipment, install additional modules and weapons. Moreover, as the levels pass and experience increases, the development of the pilot also occurs.


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