Star Conflict

Alternative names: Star Conflict

Star Conflict game - fantastic MMO - action [_5_ ], which the unfolding events in the distant future. This dynamic action, where players have to fight in space for control of cities in the abandoned Gaza 1337. Sitting behind the wheel of a starship, you realize that you go on a very dangerous place. But the legacy of the Forerunners really worth it. Valuable artifacts left refugees - it is, in fact, those tidbits that promise wealth. So desperate pilots not stop the disappearance of entire expeditions. Even understanding that the land will be seized is subject to only a few days, does not deter violent battles for her. Since the period of revival activity throbbing anomaly burns all life around, in such periods just simply can not be on the outskirts of the galaxy. One never knows at what point the cataclysm, expelling the former owners of the abandoned cities, again, will have an effect. Sense of risk will always pursue, but we can only hope that you will carry and for the short period of time free stay on reclaimed space, you will have time to much. Play Star Conflict - means to participate in clashes between factions receive calls independent groups to defend their empire, and strive to do everything possible for its benefits. Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the world which will take you Star Conflict registration.

Join in the game Star Conflict will allow you to proceed to download the game client, which is then installed on PC. You must fill in the following fields: call, e-mail address, country and the characters in the picture. Subscribe to news happens automatically, but compliance with the rules of the game need to confirm by ticking. By creating an account, you must be sure that your computer meets the necessary parameters and with no problems installing. K Star Conflict Online nominated the following minimum system requirements:

- Operating system Windows XP , Vista , 7; [ _31_]

- Processor Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2;

- A video card compatible with Pixel Shader 3. 0 with 512 MB of graphics memory ( Nvidia GeForce 260 GT or better);

- Compatible with DirectX 9. 0 c sound card;

- 1 GB of RAM;

- Free space on your hard drive 2 GB.

Dealt with the technical issues, you become a starship pilot, and should thoroughly prepare for battle. Take care of decent arms, pump and ship their own skills to manage it. You will carry out exploration, hunting and attack, defend and maintain allies. Of course, insecure player can not successfully Star Conflict play. Feats on the shoulder most decisive, intelligent, ambitious, cold-blooded members of the space community. Grandiose war between warring factions should not scare you. Join one of the sides and immediately receive a bonus to the initial power fraction. It's nice that some of the achievements available to the beginner their chosen faction and your way you start, so to speak not with a zero indicator. Available in-game factions differ in their characteristics, starter kit ships and, of course, reputation. Three factions exist subfractions. The Empire is Legion and the Varden, in Federation - Armada and Vanguard, and at Jericho - Reid and Technologists. Do not worry about what joining one, will never be able to join the others. Choice completely reversible. If some of the nuances are not satisfied, you have the right to change faction.

Let's look at the PvP system. In combat, pilots may participate 16. And so, as one pilot is allowed to take just three ships, the enemy fleet may well consist of 48 ships. The fight itself does not last long, about 12 minutes. You need to catch or destroy completely all the enemy ships or capture 3 enemy lighthouse. The passage of time, the battle is automatically terminated, so that required to achieve victory truly proactive. But lose your head and remember that attacking, do not forget about the defense. After all, you are the target of someone and it can be destroyed.

Opponents are selected by the system based on the level of spacecraft. You will play the game Star Conflict online, engaging in battle, as with real players and bots, which, incidentally, can be no less worthy contenders.

Development Pilot is due to perform assigned faction contracts. Gradually accumulated experience, and you move up the tree development. You must simultaneously monitor the rank of Pilot and improved ship. With regard to possible use for types of ships, online game Star Conflict offers a choice of interceptors, attack aircraft, frigates. They differ in design and carried out combat functions. Starships can equip a weapon, missile, special weapons. Also, you should install additional modules and combat. Buy everything you need in the main window. By the way, you immediately take contracts in fractions communicate with friends and just relax between contractions.

Be yourself in the game to the full! Satisfy your thirst for adventure! Let your expectations are met and the mood will always be at the highest level!


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