StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Alternative names: StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty
Game StarCraft Wings of Liberty of the projects that can make some noise, not even having to be born. Continued until the beta game has managed to show a lot of features and important nuances. At that time, in the first place for developers was to test the multiplayer mode of the game. However, this does not mean that single mission here is less interesting or boring. Immediately I would like to focus on what you can try your luck in StarCraft exclusively for one race - the Terrans. Toward the middle (zaintriguem you a little, opening secrets) gameplay will give you a unique opportunity to go on several missions as Protoss. In StarCraft Wings of Liberty to play you need to be watching the events taking place four years after the accident, on display in the last part of the project. The storyline is based on the life and experiences of Jim Raynor. He still can not forgive myself for the situation that occurred with Kerrigan, making his escape at the bottom of the bottle. Doing this we meet the main character at the beginning of the project. Sitting at the bar, as Jim meets his good friend, who invites him to start a new life on a ship called "Hyperion." To gameplay for you could start safely, you must first be downloaded StarCraft Wings of Liberty. After entering the project you will be available a few warm-up tasks that will help you better understand the mechanics of the game control, it features. Virtually all of the playing time you will spend on board "Hyperion." It's actually a magnificent machine, inside which there are several main sections, each of which performs a single function. For example, in the first compartment is full arsenal of weapons and building materials. In this area, your character will be able to improve the performance of units and buildings. Improvements proposed in the compartment quite useful: some allow for more points of strength and power, others - confer useful properties. In StarCraft Wings of Liberty will be the primary mission of your kind of work. You will meet the basic mission, in parallel with which it will be possible to take additional tasks. For some of them you will need a second compartment - compartment researcher. For every achievement here you will rely special points that can later be exchanged for beneficial StarCraft Wings of Liberty weapons, for example. An interesting feature of the project is that after each battle your character will share their experiences and ideas about a given situation. This will allow you to become a part of the game, and not remain a mere observer. Well, as you are interested in the project? For more details on imagine all of its features, it is strongly recommended to see StarCraft Wings of Liberty video trailer, and it doubt, download the game or not, will not.

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