Star ghosts

Alternative names: Star ghosts

Game Star Ghosts: battles in the solar system

Space spaces beckon true commandos, and the Star Ghosts game has become the unofficial continuation of the famous Space Rangers. The developers themselves confessed that they took the work of Kaliningrad authors of the Kyrgyz Republic as the basis for their product. But I must say that Star Ghosts is much more interesting to play. This fun from the first minutes strikes you with a saturation of actions in the first mission, where you have to destroy enemy ships and get to the Gates.

Spaces of space look lively - small shuttles fly around and impressive cruisers are defiling, asteroids and fragments of useful minerals are floating slowly. Do not miss the opportunity to pick them - some will be useful for fuel, others will be recycled for other needs.

Your actions will be sent by operators from the station, warning of the danger or indicating the route of movement. And it’s easier to steer the ship - click on the point indicated by the arrow with the mouse and you will certainly get to the address.

In the game there are three factions:

  • Aurora
  • Titan
  • Phoenix

For their fighters, they and the mother and father will do everything that is needed, and in return they demand the unquestioning execution of orders. They differ only in appearance and types of spacecraft. Study their principles and views before choosing which faction to join.

Big ship great opportunities

The real surprise of the game is that in Star Ghosts registration is not necessary, because the process starts immediately. And here you are the pilot of a small shuttle, and around unearthly beauty and impending danger. Naturally, you want to quickly transfer to an impressive battleship, but for this you need to mate, save up some experience and some money. How to do it? Just as you did in other browser-based toys:

  • Sales
  • Perform tasks
  • To participate in combat operations

Up to that moment, as you sit down on a steep ship, the current care will not interfere, since you will have to go to many battles. Strengthen armor, upgrade the engine, install powerful weapons and a reliable protective force field, make a spacious luggage compartment. Do not throw away old parts if you need them unnecessarily, you can always sell them on the market.

It is impossible to list all aspects of modernization, since there are more than a hundred of them. Just imagine how many opportunities Star Ghosts offers you - this is truly a cosmic scale.

Will shoot, shoot

. A feature of the gameplay is the ability to attack even beginners, bringing them to a nervous breakdown. Far from all developers allow themselves such a liberty, but there is something in it, for example, raising one's own ChSV.

Generally Star ghosts did not stint on the possibility of shooting in any case. Tired of sluggish relations with a neighbor? Declare him a war. You can measure your strength by joining mass battles and participating in boss battles, pestering the immature gamers or experienced ones.

The battles take place in real time and in a mode that can be called semi-automatic. Your ship will respond to the enemy that has appeared nearby with fire, and your task is to direct its actions, choosing which tool to use, what to use charge cartridges, and what skills to use. This is a very simple way to control, but a unique tactic is used during mass hassles.

Playing and completing tasks, you get useful items, rewards and a lot of fun, which itself is a valuable asset. It remains only to wish you great victories and achievements.


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