Alternative names: STARKVEYK

Online game StarQuake - massively multiplayer RPG space subjects. Want to explore the universe and its inhabit worlds to create a colony, to participate in defensive battles and, in doing so, develop your character? Welcome to StarQuake online. Dedication to the game start by registering.

Join in the game StarQuake is not anything unusual. You will need to come up with the character's name, enter a valid email address, password and a verification code. Then read and accept the user agreement and the laws of the universe StarQuake. Now click "conquer space" and this registration StarQuake completed.

Next to the specified e-mail account you will be sent to the data, and you can make sure that your online registration in StarQuake successful. Further engaged in the creation of the character. StarQuake online game has no division by race and civilization - you are born on the planet Omega, choose your own avatar and get a taste of you already acquired the spacecraft, for example, which modules are installed on it, or what type of dwelling unit. Regarding weapons, its gain in the mall. The range: laser, plasma, missile, mine, and the gravitational energy weapons. Here, on the Omega station, you can get the rest and accompanying ammunition.

In weapons and strengthen their spaceship to play the game online StarQuake you will need other modules

- Planetary - research, raw material production, manufacturing plants, processing plants, etc. etc. With them, you can deploy their activities on arrangement and colony development of its infrastructure;

- Biomodule - special bonuses to the basic characteristics of your character.

StarQuake online game in which scoring system is simple and clear to anyone - after a successful course, awarded experience points. With them you can buy modules, or earn money (sold to other players). Also has a system of ranks, extending to players above level 4. Getting a new rank with him and you get tangible rewards - a total of six titles and each assignment brings the following 5, 10, 20 and 25 points to your specifications. To get the next rank, you will need to take part in the so-called fight-goal - against another player and outside their station.

Play StarQuake - this is a great opportunity to know the universe. You'll surf the galaxy, solar system planets to visit, which belong to different clans, get them the resources to engage in construction and its colonies. Before you play the game online StarQuake read "Atlas." In short, there you will find that there is a total of 11 planets and their five types - aquatic and terrestrial, frozen, gas and dead. The most frequent target for development is, of course, Earth Planet. Wealth and mineral resources, as well as favorable natural conditions (presence of oxygen in the atmosphere) make it an ideal location for the creation of the colonial system.

Given the above, someone might get the impression that StarQuake play better only hardened roleplayers, but hasten to reassure you - to play in the full-space "voynushki" here you will also be possible. The conquest of the territories to protect its colonies or colonies of his clan - that's where you can fully express the skills and realize their potential, as a military leader.


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