Star Supremacy

Alternative names: Star Supremacy

Developers Aeria Games has always been famous for their great taste and brilliant ideas. New game Star Supremacy - present and dignified confirmation. This space strategy. By tradition, for more or less serious child hiding graphics and addictive game. This project has already been registered several million people from around the world, and given the fact that the number of registered users is growing, something in this game, yes there is addictive!

Star Supremacy online will allow you to feel like a real space ranger. You now have to get used to flying in space ships and conduct battle with aliens. The game has several human races, each of which has its own special abilities. Your mission - to keep the peace in space, for which you issued weapons and equipped with the latest technology spaceships. Every fight is entirely in your hands - you can think of all inside and out, selecting the most appropriate and efficient strategy. Believe me, the number of enemies who would like to check you for strength, growing every day, but because you do not have to miss. And thanks to the implemented classroom and competently manage to keep fighting and battles will be even easier than it might seem at first glance.

If this online game, then, of course, in Star Supremacy registration will simply need to start the gameplay. Although this browser game, after you register, you will need to download and install the Unity Web Player, which can be downloaded directly on the site Aeriya, and after installation, you can easily play directly from your favorite browser. Though here and there (yet? ) Russian-speaking management, understand the game is not difficult to anyone, as well as the registration form. All becomes clear at an intuitive level, well, dictionaries and translators in case of emergency has not been canceled, of course!

To start registration, you need to click on the button «Play free», which is located at the bottom of the game page.

After that you will see a form that you have to fill and to start to play in Star Supremacy. Carefully read all the tips and tricks of the system and in turn fill the form fields (you will need to enter a username, password, e-mail).

Each player signed if desired, instead of filling out the form can select authentication using your account on the network Facebook, which greatly accelerate the process. And if you've played before one of the games Aeria, then the registration process for you all will be reduced to nothing, you can just go under the previously registered data.

Your galaxy is already waiting for you. Play the game Star Supremacy interesting because it constantly new tasks and quests. Be prepared for the continuous development and improvement. Get control over trade routes, and you can gain control over the stars! And do not forget that to play free Star Supremacy anyone can!



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