Star Wars Battlefront

Alternative names: Star Wars Battle Front

Games Star Wars Battlefront: Star Wars in full swing.

Company developer Pandemic Studios along with the publisher LucasArts since 2004 represent a series of toys Battlefront on the idea of ​​the universe"Star Wars"in the genre of tactical shooter from the first person, but with the ability to move into a third person position. Multiuser and single modes are also available. The new game Star Wars Battlefront invites fans to the world of the Jedi from November 17, 2015, from December 8, it becomes available in the free mode of the battle for Giacca.

Speet Star Wars Battlefront download, and find out how it happened that the planet of Jakka turned into a mournful desert. To do this, study 2 free maps on its territory, and become a participant in the"Tipping Point"mode, which is designed for a group of 40 players. The rebels will have to declassify the three main points and seize one that belongs to the Imperials. The mission is given a certain amount of time, and in case of success, new checkpoints and additional time will appear. If you manage and with increasing complexity, you can eventually capture and the imperial base.

Dve available free maps will allow you to gain experience in missions and become more experienced, sophisticated hero or villain.

The Cemetery of Giants prepared the regimes:

  • Scrab
  • Droid Invasion
  • Load for cargo
  • Outlet zone
  • Heroes against the villains
  • Hunting for the hero
  • Jakku is just one planet from a number of others: you are familiar with Hot, Endor and Tatooine, and among them is completely unexplored yet Sallast.

    • The breaking moment
    • Squadron
    • Shuttle drills
    • Excess

    "Goazan Wastes"Card with the following modes:

      To pave the way to new horizons, you need to download Star Wars Battlefront, and everything will be possible.

      Your role and capabilities.

      Many generations dream of feeling like a Jedi, waving a laser sword or shooting a blaster, but only now the imagination has come to the realization. Perhaps you are closer in spirit is not the struggle of the soldier of the Alliance, but the dark soul of the emperor. Well, you are free to choose your destiny, turning into one of the characters:

      • Light of Skywalker
      • Vader's card
      • Princess Lei Organu
      • The emperor Palpatine
      • Han Solo known smuggler
      • The Bounty of the Bounty Hunter Fett

      Before you a lot of opportunities and amazing meetings. To know who faced in the open spaces of Star Wars, learn a variety of soldiers of the rebels and the Empire. Unlocking the new races, you will meet aliens from different corners of the galaxy and will be able to change the face of the characters:

      • Quarren from the planet Mont-Cala
      • Rodians with Rhodium
      • Sallastantis with Sallasta
      • Different and graceful Twi'leks
      • Zabrakov from the planet Iridonia
      • Isha-Tiba with the Tibrin

      Technologies in the game are so diverse that even experienced soldiers will learn from blasters, amplifiers and flying equipment. After this stage, go on to perform solitary and joint assignments.

      Technical game parameters

      Access Star Wars Battlefront on PC for Windows, as well as ONE XBOX and PS4. According to the developers and publishers, if you set a low level of graphics, you can play it on a low-performance computer, and Star Wars Battlefront can be purchased now, by selecting a standard or exclusive edition with additions.

      Minimum system requirements for the installation of Star Wars Battle Front:

      • Operation: 64-bit for Windows 7 SP1 / 10/8 and 8. 1
      • Free space: 50 GB
      • Memory: 8GB
      • Processor: Intel Core i3-6300T with 3. 3 GHz | AMD A10-7870K with 4. 1 GHz
      • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 with 1. 5 + 0. 5 GB of video memory | AMD Radeon HD 7770 with 2 GB of video memory

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