Star Wars: Empire at War

Alternative names: Star Wars: Empire at War

Star Wars: Empire at War game, in which events occur, as in space, so on earth. This game is a strategic computer game, the story is made up by a unique Star Wars trilogy.

The game has only two game modes: campaign mode and Galactic Conquest. Each mode has its own characteristics:

1. Campaign mode. Is a classic story RTS.

2. Mode Galactic Conquest. This is the mode with the global strategy and tactical battles and in real time.

Game Star Wars: Empire at War can download only grown players. For underage users access to the game is closed. Download

Star Wars: Empire at War you have the opportunity and any other sites that offer this capability. For example, this can be done on the torrent.

Do you have a tempting opportunity to view game

Star Wars: Empire at War video. This can be done on the game's official website or on youtube. In the video reveals basic information about the game, describes the mission, game modes and much more.

Game Star Wars: Empire at War is more interesting mode Galactic Conquest. This mode is divided into several parts:

1. Strategic part. Here you have to build large buildings, fleet and lead troops on the strategic map. During the game you can conduct research and invent new technologies, new ships, and new weapons. There are several technological levels. Rebels in this game are not developing their own technology, and they take away from the Imperials any developed technology, which is becoming the main rebels.

2. Formation part. Tactical battles, constantly divided into space and planetary. They occur in real time. In space battles constantly include a limited number of ships. In the game the new ships are called in as reinforcements. In addition to the battle station, the defending party may have auxiliary radars. Also present at the battery planets. Depending on the size of the ship are the following affected areas: guns, shield generators, engines, armor and hangar.

Star Wars: Empire at War weapons are of several types:

1. Ranged weapons.

2. Close combat weapons.

Depending on the situation, you will use a certain type of weapon.

In the game Star Wars: Empire at War, you can play different characters from Star Wars. Most of them can participate in space battles, and other characters only in land battles. There are characters that give you bonuses, but do not participate in the battles.

You can actively move around the battlefield, capture buildings and use special abilities, but you can not shoot.

In land battles fought lightsabers and actively use the Force.

Are also present in addition to the characters in the game and support nameless characters, which you can hire a player. They are called bounty hunters, agents, smugglers, and so on.

SW EaW game for real connoisseurs of Star Wars!


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