Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Alternative names: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ( has a name in the Russian edition of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic ) - is a multiplatform ( PC , Xbox , Apple Macintosh , iOS ) action game in which 2003 - m g . Created ednomntonskoy firm BioWare , specializing in the production of computer as and video games commissioned known companies Lucasfilm Computer Division Games Group. Game Knights of the Old Republic was the first role-playing game for the PC in which the events took place in the author's world "Star Wars" . The main hero of the game is between good and evil. Literally, from any of his stride depends for its affiliation to the Light or Dark. All this has a direct impact on the end of the game options.

If you are interested in Star Wars The Old Republic game, it is very important that you come to the game site, download and install it to your PC.

Going into the game, from the beginning you will need to choose Star Wars Old Republic classes, of which there are three: [ _55_]

  • Soldier - a very powerful fighter.
  • Scoundrel - treacherous, slippery character who at any moment can backstab.
  • Scout - class, which is an intermediate between a soldier and a scoundrel.

Then, when your main character faces a choice. Whom to be either Sith or Jedi have to replace the old to the new class. You again have a choice:

  • Jedi Warrior-like Jedi Soldier level, skillfully wielded lightsaber , very strong, able to jump to the enemy from long distances.
  • Jedi Consul - a class that is able to communicate with the Force.
  • Jedi Guardian - a fighter who is skillful with weapons, and the Force. Resistant to unaccountable fear, to stun and paralysis.

In addition, the storyline of the game Star Wars Old Republic built classes that are not available to the protagonist. These are the two classes that are designed for droids

  • Droid expert - a class created for the execution of minor problems - Repair of various kinds of computers, hacking computer systems. These include T3-M4.
  • Battle droid - a fighter who knows how to handle a blaster weapon. These include the HK-47.

Action here takes place in the seven planets, each of which is unique: Tatooine, Dantooine, Taris, Kashyyyk, Korriban, Manaan, Rakata Prime. Also gamers will have to visit the planets and kosmostantsii kosmokorabli: Ebon Hawk, Endariansky Spire, Leviathan, Star Forge station and station Yavin.

Game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic involves many characters . Among the main playable characters there: Darth Revan - the protagonist, Bastila Shan - female Jedi soldiers Maps and Onasi Canderous Ordo Jolee Bindo - Grey Jedi Consul, HK-47 - assassin droid , T3-M4 - droid expert Juhani - young Jedi Guardian, Zaalbar - scout. Among the non-player characters - Ajunta Pall Pall Darth Bandon Darth Malak , [ _145_] Bendak Starkiller and many others.

You have not yet decided on the fact whether you should download Star Wars Old Republique, then we will recommend you to query online game Star Wars Old Republic video and see overview videos and promotional videos that will help shape this game their own opinion.

So, should Star Wars Old Republic download better from the official site, and immerse yourself in a fantasy world, where you have and fight and play minigames built there.


We are sure that you will enjoy. Good luck!


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