State of Decay

Alternative names: State of Decay

Game State of Decay is a brand new project. Its official release will see everyone gamers very soon - on November 29. To begin playing the program will be through Steam, as previously stated cost of the game will be 6.99 dollars. Creators of the game promise to present something beyond. Something that could produce only a fantasy. This game will be a boon for those players who love stories about zombies and just his life are not free online games.

Action State of Decay online happening in the world after the end of the world. After the return of the mother of all zombie world as we used to see him, disappeared. Mankind has disappeared almost completely. On the ground only a few lucky survivors, among them your character. On the shoulders of those lucky now bear an incredible responsibility, because they have to save the world and bring him back to his former life.

Frankly, this game is not for the faint of heart. Here you have to survive and make it have the time. As the developers of the project, now play the game State of Decay will be much harder, making the gameplay itself will be incredibly exciting and interesting. For the attention of all the players available huge number of quests and missions for survival, you can get a lot of achievements, and will be at your disposal the most diverse weapons.

Since this is an online game that, accordingly, you should already have guessed that in the State of Decay registration is mandatory process. You will need to pre-install the program Steam (if you are a player with a wealth of experience, it is most likely already have this program on your computer) and register it. And only after that you will be able to buy the game, install it on your computer and register your account in it.

You should not scare the fact that now on the homepage of the game there is no word in Russian. First, you'll have no problem to understand all intuitive, and secondly, during the registration process you will be available to Steam Russian interface, so download and install the program for you is not difficult.

To begin to play State of Decay, you can specify the usual credentials: username, password, e-mailbox.

This is quite unusual world of zombies. In fact, this game is a kind of breakthrough. This game - a constant or stop race for survival. What makes the project even more charm, is the lack of a premeditated plan developers. Your life is in your hands. Do not count on the plot of the game, your success will depend on you and how successful will be your plan of salvation!


Despite the fact that until that play State of Decay free fails, a lot of gamers have already expressed their willingness to buy access to a project to test all of its features.


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