Storm Online

Alternative names: Storm Online

Game Storm Online: modern graphics and unique characters.

Game Storm Online attracts its players well-developed three-dimensional graphics. This gives even more action and entertainment during the game. The most precise characters and elements create the impression of complete immersion in the process. The game is made on the theme of fantasy and anime. And the imagination of the creators was where to roam. Locations and characters are striking beauty, especially the main character and all his companions.

Starting to play the game Storm Online, you first choose your hero's clan. Before you are three powerful directions:

  • Shooter. He will bring down a barrage of arrows on his enemies, and even the most dexterous warriors will not be able to resist the speed of his attacks.
  • Koldun. Mages have always loved spectacular battles and for centuries have accumulated the wisdom of their ancestors. Today she makes incredibly strong.
  • Voitel. Taking up his sword, the warrior does not stop until he wins, and does not crush his last enemy.

iPlayer Storm Online is not just a game, it is a world in which you can create your own, unique character. During the game, you will repeatedly encounter other players and their characters, so you will fully appreciate the opportunity to be non-standard.

game features.

Your first priority will be to defeat all enemies and liberate territories captured by cunning ghosts. To have the strength to win, it will take a lot of work. You need to pump your hero and improve its characteristics. To get started, pick the right equipment. With each level in front of you will open up a wider range of equipment and weapons. The resulting items you can improve in the forge.

Additional forces will give you the right horse. Together with you he goes into battle, so he will also need armor. Raising his level, you can observe the spectacular changes and development of the horse. You will see the same result with your pet. He will be a great helper in battle and increase the characteristics of the hero. Wings will make your hero look like an angel, but only rivals will not be able to appreciate it in battle. Equipment Wings gives a big boost to the characteristics of the character, especially when pumping them. So that the hero does not miss, he can hire a companion. These are beautiful elfs. They will follow you everywhere, giving their strength and healing.

tasks and gameplay.

V Storm Online can play the whole company. To more effectively pass the levels and defeat strong bosses, it is best to unite and create guilds or join an existing one. A great way to make new friends. Using the chat in the lower left corner, you can chat with all the players. The game has different tasks:

  • fighting with ghosts and demons
  • group fights
  • 10,000 great fights

Another advantage is that Storm Online has several ways to fight. You can use the automatic battle, t. e. you just specify the target, and the bot performs all movements. Either take over all the initiative on themselves and fully enjoy the battle, using the manual control of hot keys. This will give the battle action and excitement, especially in group battles.

V Storm Online registration is done in two clicks. Then you immediately immerse yourself in the gameplay. Even a beginner can easily deal with all the capabilities, requirements and locations, thanks to well-thought-out tips and training battles. At every step, characters who need your help will be happy to tell you what happened to them and how you can help them. Therefore, do not delay, you need to hurry to meet with adventures and evil ghosts, until they captured the whole world.


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