Strange Brigade

Alternative names: Strange Brigade

Studio Rebellion Developments is the creator and publisher at the same time, introducing its new game product. Her team game Strange Brigade is based on adventures with elements of a shooter. The basis is a fantastic story about treasure hunters with all the following circumstances. The action is from a third party, and the team can simultaneously be up to 4 participants.

Download Strange Brigade can be from 2018, when it is planned to release it. Into the depths of the impenetrable jungle was sent a special detachment, assembled from representatives of different professions, to make the expedition the most fruitful. However, if you decide that you will cope with the task alone, go to the thicket all alone, but the effectiveness and the chances of surviving are significantly reduced. When you are at the right place, the landing will be with parachutes. From this moment begins the most interesting. You have to explore all the hidden corners of the area in search of clues about how to find the main mysterious artifact.

The ancient to hide it, not just placed in one of the distant caves, but also protected by a dark curse. Now it is guarded by an army of mythological creatures, which leads the Egyptian queen of witches. It is necessary to cross the line of what is permitted, as the army of the dead rises from dust and ruins. It leaves cozy tombs to destroy the fugitives who decided to invade their shrine. Waiting for you awaits horror, which will survive.


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