Strange brigade

Alternative names: Strange brigade

Strange Brigade game for adventure seekers.

Studio Rebellion Developments is the creator and publisher at the same time, introducing his new gaming product. Her team game Strange Brigade is based on adventures with elements of a shooter. It is based on a fantastic story about treasure hunters with all the attendant circumstances. The action takes place from a third party, and the team can simultaneously be up to 4 participants. Play the game Strange Brigade will be on such platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PC
  • Xbox One

Enter the ancient curse.

Heroes of events are sent to the undeveloped territories of the British Empire. This happens in the 30s of the last century, and even the demo is styled as a cinema of those years. It seems that you are really watching an adventure film or newsreel, where important events of the expedition are documented.

Download Strange Brigade can be from 2018, when its release is planned. Moreover, the company promises everyone who subscribes to its news to send out free game copies on the day of release. Those whose wild imagination is carried away in times when adventurers with a cohesive team went in search of ancient artifacts will be delighted with the new toy. There is everything that excites the restless minds of failed travelers:

  • Painted pictures of wildlife
  • Enchanting ruins full of jewels
  • Ancient Curses
  • Hesting Hieroglyphs
  • Understanding
  • Attacks of the rebel mummies
  • Colorful battles

This is indeed displayed in the plot, and you will not be an idle observer of other people's exploits, but you yourself will be able to accomplish all of them.

Once the archaeologists discovered the location of the ancient tomb, where a mysterious artifact is buried, which has been searched for for many years. In the depths of the impenetrable jungle, a special detachment was assembled, assembled from representatives of various professions, in order to make the expedition the most fruitful. Each participant has unique knowledge and skills, owns a certain set of tools and weapons. Naturally, they have received special training, and in the event of a critical situation they will be able to work together, but each according to his talents. Although there are four participants in the group, there may be fewer if you wish. However, if you decide that you can cope with the task alone, you go to the thicket all alone, but the effectiveness and chances of surviving will drop significantly.

Starting in Strange Brigade to play, you will find a flight on an airship. When you find yourself at the right point, landing with parachutes. From this moment begins the most interesting. You have to explore all the hidden corners of the area in search of tips on how to find the main mysterious artifact.

Ancient to hide it, not just placed in one of the distant caves, but also defended by a dark curse. Now he is guarded by an army of mythological creatures led by the Egyptian witch queen. It is necessary to cross the line of what is permitted, how the army of the dead rises from dust and ruins. It leaves the cozy crypts to destroy the insolent, who decided to invade their shrine.

B Strange Brigade you will encounter mummies, Egyptian deities such as Anubis, and other creatures. Waiting for you revived horror in which to survive. When fighting with otherworldly soldiers, do not forget that the mission is considered fulfilled only in the case when its ultimate goal is reached. Find an ancient relic, and go home with it.


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