Alternative names: Strategoriya

Strategoria game is considered one of the best strategies, which was launched online in 2013. The game creators have promised to bring the genre to a whole new level of development. Thus, in the new game, which is implemented elements that are unique to strategic genre of games that advantageously combined with hints of economic simulations. Due to some structural features of the game can really be considered a unique representative of its kind. You never had to face anything like. Opening the doors of the Middle Ages for players from around the world recently, Strategoria online have already noted, won the first place among all other browser games.

This game has so many benefits that you can talk about them long and tedious. Much easier to self-register in the game and experience for yourself, what is at stake. The game is set in Medieval times. The player will not only try to keep intact their property, but also regularly perform devastating raids on the lands of neighbors. You will have to learn to keep a balance between economic and military side of the game, in fact admitted bobble could lead to a system crash.

As mentioned above, first acquaintance with the game Strategoria also remains mandatory registration process.

1. On the left side of the main page of the game you will see a form to authorize registered users.

2. The system allows for the authorization and implementation using the account to Facebook.

3. If you register through social networks you do not want, you will need to fill out a registration form that allows you to beta test the game.

4. Click on the "Register" button below the form to login.

5. Before you open the form in which the field is called «E-mail», you will need to indicate (as you might have been able to guess) address of your e-mail box.

6. System to believe in the purity of your intentions, but you could try to play the game Strategoria, you have to agree with the terms of this agreement. What can be done by checking the appropriate line.

7. Click "Register" and then your email will receive a letter with a link to activate your account.

8. Click on the link and complete the registration process.

Invent login and hurry rather Strategoria play. For this game, you will not need to download any additional files, you can immediately after registering to play in your favorite browser. An important fact is the fact that the game is completely free Strategoriya. You do not have to spend money to buy powerups and win recognition will only by their wits and tactical thinking. Strategoriya as close as possible to all the realities of the world at that time. This is not a game, it's the life you can live interesting and exciting. Hurry up to join and help in the implementation of the coup in the gaming world!


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