Street Legal

Alternative names: Street Legal

Street Legal - a computer game in the genre of car simulator. Development company, Invictus Games, gazed all their efforts to create not just a car racing, and the embodiment of your desired machine as your own. This is the main feature of this game. Game Street Legal version of the first game series Street Legal, released for fans in 2002.

As in any computer game initially need to download. Download Street Legal You can visit the site and having a special program on your computer. Only now beginning to suggest that you read through the review of the game Street Legal Street Legal and view videos and screenshots. What would be more knowledgeable about the story and features of the game.

Only in this game you can feel yourself a real mechanic. Clear that there has been an advantage player with knowledge in building the car. But this is not a problem, because it is here that you will learn not only a lot of interesting, but perhaps the entire inner world of machines. By the way, not only internal but also external world of machines.

Your character here begins its existence with the ordinary citizen, not even having a car. Because it is farther you go to the dealer and will get a car. You start the game with the presence of you about 20 thousand dollars.

The main goal of the game as a vicious circle. You implement your car - change the internal parts as well as external (tyuninguete). What exactly do you replace only you decide. Then participate in the race for money and get a prize money accordingly. And then the circle closes as earned money you spend on your car.

It is clear that the game you start with the initial level. That is, all your efforts are aimed at achieving the highest levels in the future end of the game in the title of leader.

In-Game Street Legal cars are consistent with models of actual auto centers. This makes the game much more interesting, because you will know the car brands.

Work with ready-made machine is in two stages:

• Speedway;

• City roads.

Speedway - this is the first place where you will try your car. Straight stretch of road on which you did not hurt.

Urban roads - road sections, which are race. They are mostly at night when the roads are empty. But during the day as possible, but complicated by the presence of an abundance of urban machines. Also, day and night, you can stop by the police. And you either fined for violation of speed, either insoluble modification of the vehicle.

But do not seek to acquire steep Models. Possible by the presence of a simple model, but which is modified, to win the game.

Graphics in the game Street Legal has a normal quality of the game. The musical accompaniment is presented in the form of successful to maintain the mood of the game.

Game Street Lega is waiting for new machines connoisseurs. Hurry Street Lega game download, so quickly. And do not forget to call friends, make the game more exciting. Have a good mood and gameplay!


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