Street Legal Racing Redline

Alternative names: Street Legal Racing Redline

Street Legal Racing Redline - a computer game. Game Street Legal Racing: Redline autosimulator represented in the genre. This is a continuation, the second part, the game series Street Legal, released in 2003. This edition of the game, like the first version, delighted fans around the world. After all, only here can you imagine being a real mechanic. And your car depends entirely on your knowledge of their structure, both domestic and foreign.

For a better knowledge of the gameplay advise you finish reading this review and see overview videos games are presented on the Internet. A potoo, you can already download Street Legal Racing: Redline. To do this, the main thing that you had to download the necessary software.

In the game you get as an ordinary citizen. You buy a car from a dealer of your choice. This is your first cash investment of your starting money, are given automatically. And then begins the main part of the game. Buy items motor or chassis and change them yourself. Selecting parts depends only on you. Then tyuninguete. The main goal - to make rapid and seemingly unbeatable chic car. All the replacements are made only on the money that will win races. After all, they are not just so, and also to increase the level.

Game SLRR represented as expensive as training and racing. Training distance you need to test the car, and then you can go to the races. Races are held at night, what would the streets were empty. There are also afternoon, but in such cases, the process harder on the complete streets. Also not far from the police not deetsya. If you meet them, you will not run away, it does not provide gameplay. They will fine you on any. Race distance every time new. And it's not so simple. Every time you look for a new place.

In-Game Street Legal Racing: Redline car brands real auto centers. They fully comply with these machines. Perhaps loading other vehicles to replace existing ones.

Game Street Lega Resing Redline presents three street racing club, the so-called levels

• Green;

• Blue;

• Red.

Green - the initial stage, your first garage. At first, this is your club, until you reach the top spot in this club.

Blue - already a senior club that fall to win the race with the weakest rider of this club.

Red - senior club. Here is an opportunity to bid their cars. It is important the appearance of your car. It's like passing a ticket.

You are a winner if you have gone through all three stages. And eventually became the champion in the final, red, club.

Of course, this game will be easy for those who know the reality of building machines as seize what or indicators. So players win careless.

Game Street Legal 2 is made in high-quality graphics with great music.

So hurry up and become the best here, and thus know the automotive world. Hurry game Street Lega Resing Redline download. Successful you play!


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