Alternative names: Strife
At the moment, a new game Strife is at the stage of active testing, but today about it on the internet goes a lot of good rumors. Just after showing the first trailers and announcements, project developers managed to intrigue the hundreds of thousands of gamers of this genre. The creators of the project emphasize that during the development they tried to take into account all the reviews on these games. In other words, Strife was designed as a "correction of mistakes," which will not be the main elements that prevent gamers to have a good time. The main challenge in Strife online is to destroy the enemy and his main base. While gaming card is not very big, but quite interesting. In the battle is played by two teams active. In this case, each team can only have five players and no more. The team's task is very simple - to destroy the main building on the enemy base, and experience has shown that for this she is forced to put maximum effort. Despite the fact that the card is relatively small, achieve the main goal will be very difficult: on the way the team will have to overcome a huge number of traps, defensive structures and various protective structures. In addition, the base itself is under the constant protection of the so-called minions, and fight with them is very difficult. To start the game, of course, you have to register. In Strife registration, as in most similar games, is very simple and does not take a lot of time: On the main page of the site must go on the green link "Create new account". In the first field you must specify your own desired nickname - it must be unique. Further, in the following fields to specify your own name. Then write the e-mail address - it must be real, since it will receive a confirmation of your account. After that, specify a password and confirm it in the next field. At the end you must tick the that you have read and agree to the terms of use of the program. To finish you must click "Create Account." After that, the post office will receive an email confirming your registration. After registration, you can immediately start to Strife play for free, without making any compulsory amount of money. As mentioned earlier, the game would already be fixed many flaws and injustices that occur in other projects. For example, in other games usually all the experience and reward gets the player who performed the last kick. Here, the whole team shares received gold and experience equally. Thus, you can play Strife no offense at their own allies. Another interesting addition is off general chat, which is distracting gamers in other projects. Many believe that communication between users should be mandatory, but the developers Strife online claim of excessive use of general chat, which is very often used not for its intended purpose. Also in the project is a bonus outfit, messengers and pets. All this brings additional points of attack, defense and others. It is worth noting that in the Strife play with pets, or using messengers to become much more interesting than the usual games that do not use these elements.

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